high is the westernmost city Belarus, located in the Kamenets district, Brest region. Here you can see interesting architectural monuments, mostly associated with Sapieha and Potockiwho made a significant contribution to the development of the High. In this material, I propose to plunge into the atmosphere of the first half of the 20th century and see how the city looked at that time on old pictures. I propose to start with Vysokovsky castlelaid down in the middle of the 17th century.

Brama and history of Sapehav Castle
Photo taken in 1917, the gate of the castle can be seen in the background.
Brama and history of Sapehav Castle
Same year, but park facade.
High, Brest region
This is how the gate looks like now.

The next picture draws attention ruins of an unknown building (the castle itself was located on the site of today's stadium).

Brama and history of Sapehav Castle
1917, September. The photo was taken from the side of the stage.
Brama and history of Sapehav Castle
Snapshot of the 30s, from the archive of Alexander Nevar. Perhaps the photo shows the last of the Pototsky representatives, who lived in Vysokoe until the age of 39.

No less interesting to look at Potocki Palace-Estate, which began to be built just to replace the Sapieha castle.

Patockih-Sapeg Palace near Vysokaje
Front side, 1934 photograph from the collection of Biblioteka Narodowa DŻS XII

Pay attention to the side office. In the first half of the 20th century, they were residential and were connected by corridors to the manor house.

Manor in Vysokoe on old photos

Six-column porticos were laid already in the post-war period.

What did Vysokoye look like in old pictures?
The photo was taken before 1920.
Outbuilding Potocki High
This is how the left office looks today, the right one has not been preserved.
Palace in Vysokoe
A rare photograph of 1913 - the interior of the living room, probably Maria Pototskaya on the right side.
Patockih-Sapeg Palace at Goradze Vysokaye Stary Zdymak
Brama and gatehouse.

Homestead in Vysokoe Belarus

Winter view of the park side of the Potocki estate.

Sapieha Manor in Vysoky
photo before 1918
Old pictures of Vysokoe city
A photograph of the 30s, the park side of the manor house, in the foreground, most likely one of the Potocki children.

Next, I suggest looking at central part the city of Vysokoe, where trade was in full swing and construction was booming.

Shopping arcade in the center of Vysokoye
Market Street and shopping malls in the 30s. Photo from the collection of Esther Kaplan.
What did Vysokoye look like at the beginning of the 20th century?
The opposite side of the Market Street with brick two-story houses, some can still be seen today.
Trade in the city center Vysokoye, old photographs
In the background is a building that locals can easily recognize - there is a shop and bar "Veras".

All the same place Market Square, but already in the late autumn of 1934.

source: Archiwum Akt Nowych. 2/109/0/2.1/231

One of the main attractions in Vysoky is the old Trinity Church, who told a lot of restructuring and changes.

How the church in Vysokie used to look
This is what the temple looked like in 1933.
Trinity Church High
This is what it looks like in 2022.

In August 1933 they pave Tserkovnaya street (now Komsomolskaya).

High road construction near the church
source: Archiwum Akt Nowych
Mill in Vysokoe
1933, all the same August, and a ready-made section of the road, closer to the Market. Pay attention to the high building of the water mill (not preserved).

Local youth on the Pulva river.

Pulva River, old photo
1934, photo from the archives: Archiwum Akt Nowych. 2/109/0/2.1/231

Pupils of the prayer school in front of the church.

Vysoka-Lіtoўsk old smoke
1934 year.

All classes of the school, perhaps the photo was taken against the background of the former Bonifrat Monastery.

snapshot from the archives: Archiwum Akt Nowych. 2/109/0/2.1/231

For those who want to get to know the western part of the Brest region better, I suggest taking note of the places from tourist route "Triangle" from Brest.


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