Not far from the historic city center Vileika situated cladbishte, which is conditionally divided into 3 parts. The largest and oldest part of it - Orthodox, and the smaller one is called military or “3 wars graveyard”. There are burials of Russian, Austrian, Polish soldiers, as well as a mass grave of those who died in 41-44. On the outskirts of this part of the cemetery, you can see 2 unusual monuments. The first is a kind of mound of large rubble boulders with the figure of an eagle on top.

Ancient cemetery in the city of Vileyka

The monument was solemnly erected in 1924 in honor of the dead Polish border guards.

Vileika cemetery

The original eagle looked different: it looked to the other side and sat on a saber.

Catholic cemetery Vileyka

Vileika cemetery

The second monument is an obelisk crowned with the image of the Cross of Valor, erected closer to 1930.

Polish military cemetery in Vileyka

What is this unusual obelisk at the cemetery in Vileyka?

Vileika cemetery is located along 1 May Street, below is the point with the location of this attraction on the map:

If you're in town, be sure to check it out. Holy Cross Church и Church of Saint Mary of Egypt.

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