We continue to delight you with selections of worthy films. Today we bring you the following list: interesting movie about animals Top 13. Basically, there are tapes that came out after the 2000s and are modern.

Red Dog (2011)

Kinopoisk - 7,7 | IMDb- 7,4

This is the story of a legendary red dog who roamed the wilds of Australia in search of his true master. The dog left a mark on the hearts of everyone he met. So some find love, others find a goal in life, and still others find themselves. The story of the film is based on real events.

Pelican (2011)

KP- 7,7 | IMDb- 7

On a small, isolated Greek island, 14-year-old Yannis lives with his father (played by Emir Kusturica). After the death of their mother, they became very distant from each other and practically stopped communicating. One day, Yannis finds a young pelican and decides to take him home. Their friendship marks a change in the life of the boy and the people of the island.

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Marley and Me (2008)

Kinopoisk - 7,8 | IMDb- 7,1

The life story of a harmful, but very charming dog Marley, who taught his owners patience, perseverance, perseverance and, most importantly, love! This film well suited for those who plan to have a pet, but do not realize that the animal needs to be dealt with, educated and invested in it. (Just like with kids!)

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Hachiko: The most faithful friend (2009)

KP- 8,3 | IMDb- 8,1

When we get a pet, we take him for the rest of his life, but sometimes everything happens exactly the opposite. So it happened in the plot of this picture. Main character - dog named Hachikowho cannot come to terms with the loss and continues to wait for his master.

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Original filmHachiko's story” came out in 1987. It was filmed in Japan (the birthplace of this story) and is based on real events.

Dog life (2017)

Kinopoisk - 7,9 | IMDb- 7,2

In Buddhism and Hinduism, it is believed that after the death of one body, life continues in a new one, i.e. the soul moves. And so it is in this touching film. For several lives, the dog intersects with a person who met in their past lives.

Interesting, modern cinema about animals - TOP 13 list

The second part came out in 2019 “Dog Life 2”.

Incredible world through the eyes of Enzo (2019)

KP - 7,9 | IMDb- 7,6

Enzo is a cute dog, a golden retriever breed, who is the narrator of this story. Together with their owner Denny, an aspiring Formula 1 driver, they immerse us in their exciting and exciting life.

Interesting, modern cinema about animals - TOP 13 list

Way home (2019)

Kinopoisk- 7,2 | IMDb- 6,7

domestic dog Belle there is a long way to go to reunite with his master. This journey will give the dog many new friends and open the world from a new side.

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Togo (2019)

Kinopoisk - 8 | IMDb-8

The story is based on real events that took place in the first half of the XNUMXth century. Main characters - musher Leonard Seppala and dog Togo. The action of the picture takes place in Alaska, USA, in the small settlement of Nome, where an epidemic of diphtheria breaks out in early 1925.

Things get a lot more serious when, due to a massive snowstorm and air, and ship delivery of therapeutic serum becomes impossible. Now all hope is on the drovers, including Leonard and his dog team, led by the leader of Togo.

The heroes have to overcome 146 kilometers of a difficult and dangerous path, which can become a one-way ticket.

In 1995, the animated film "Balto" was released, which also told this story, but without mentioning Togo and other participants. This happened in real life, despite the fact that 20 mushers and about 120 dogs participated in the race, the driver took all the glory Gunnar Kaasen and Balto. Their team covered the remaining 52 km, but it was the team of Leonard Seppal and Togo who overcame the most difficult and longest distance - 146 km.

Call of the Wild (2020)

KP - 7,3 | IMDb- 6,8

Based on the novel by Jack London. In the courtyard of the end of the XIX century, the domestic dog Buck comes from sunny California in the harsh conditions of Alaska, in which the gold rush is already raging. On the way the dog will meet different people and animals that will temper his character and awaken the instincts of a predator.

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In total, 7 adaptations of The Call of the Wild were released, but the most famous is the TV version of 1997 and 2020.

White captivity (2005)

KP- 8,1 | IMDb- 7,3

When the lives of employees "Polar Station" is threatened and evacuation begins, then Jerry Sheppard You have to leave your sled dogs behind. He thinks that the separation from the pets will be a few days, but due to bad weather conditions, the dogs have to live in the harsh conditions of the Arctic for about 6 months.

Movies about animals list

A remake of the 1983 Japanese film "Antarctic Story", based on the true events of 1958-1959.

Max (2015)

Kinopoisk - 6,7 | IMDb- 6,7

Wincott family loses his eldest son in the Afghan war. When the son's body is delivered to them, his faithful pet, a dog named Max, is brought along with him. Now they all need to learn to live with loss and try to build life in a new way.

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Megan Leavey (2017)

KP - 7,2 | IMDb- 7,1

This is a biographical story with elements of drama. Young corporal Megan Leavey during the service acquires the skills of a dog handler, but her ward becomes a problematic shepherd Rex. At first, Livi and Rex do not recognize each other, but gradually the wall between them collapses and they become close friends.

My friend Mr Percival (2019)

Kinopoisk - 7 | IMDb- 6,9

Retired Michael Kingley tells her granddaughter about her childhood. He recalls how, as a child, he found three pelican chicks. But one of the chicks became a real friend to the boy, friendship with which influenced his whole life.

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If you know another good movie about animals, then feel free to write in the comments - we will definitely add it to the list. See also the collection modern puppet cartoons - TOP 13.


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