puppet animation is a unique phenomenon. It originated in the distant 1906 and exists to this day. True, this type of animation is often considered a dying type of art. There are a number of good reasons for this. First of all, not every director is ready to take on such laborious work. Such animation is created using the technique Stop Motion (frame-by-frame motion). It can take years to create one full-length picture. Secondly, such work is quite expensive. After all, all elements are created by hand: from dolls to decorations. Thirdly, film studios more often prefer 3D animation, which strongly displaces not only puppet animation, but also hand-drawn animation. This article has collected modern puppet cartoons – TOP 13.

Isle of dogs

Kinopoisk - 8,1 | IMDb- 7,9

Wonderful puppet cartoon Wes Anderson, released in 2018. The action takes place in Japan, where the dog population has reached a critical point, which caused a surge in canine flu. The Megasaki city government decided to send all the dogs to quarantine. The place for which is the city dump on the island. The protagonist - the boy Atari, contrary to the prohibitions, goes in search of his dog named Spots. On the island, Atari meets a pack of dogs who decide to help a human cub. Good puppet animation, insanely cute dogs and great music create an exciting atmosphere.

Modern puppet cartoons

Fantastic Mr Fox

KP - 7,9 | IMDb- 7,9

Another animation creation Wes Anderson according to a fairy tale Roald Dahl, released in 2009. A story about a cunning fox with banal human problems: finances, children, neighbors. But the main difficulty is the embittered farmers who are tired of the invasion of the fox on their chicken coops.

Modern puppet cartoons


KP- 7,7 | IMDb- 7,7

This puppet cartoon is good in everything. Truly talented people worked on its creation, who did an incredible job and created a bright and colorful world. The film was directed by the legendary Henry Selick. Screenwriter (aka the author of the original book) – Neil Gaiman. Composer - Bruno Coulet, who wrote fantastic music for the soundtrack.

Modern puppet cartoons

Coraline Jones is an 11 year old adventurous girl. At first glance, she may seem rude and arrogant, but in fact she is kind, sympathetic and courageous. The girl moves with her parents to an unusual house - “Pink Palace”which is full of secrets and mysticism. Due to the busyness of her parents, Coraline is left to her own devices. Trying to somehow entertain herself, the girl begins to explore her new home and finds something interesting - a small door that opens up a new world.

The nightmare before christmas

Kinopoisk - 8 | IMDb- 8

A puppet animated film-musical that has already become a classic. Directed again Henry Selick, and producer and co-writer Tim Burton.

Modern puppet cartoons

Ghouls, witches, goblin and others live in the city of Halloween mystical creatures. Their life goal once a year is to celebrate Halloween cooler than the previous one. Jack Skellington is the leader of this holiday, but he is bored with the monotony that has been repeated for centuries. In complete sadness and loneliness, walking through the forest, he accidentally finds himself in the city of Christmas. Jack is impressed by the local atmosphere, which breathes good, joy and fun. As a result, the inhabitants of Halloween kidnap Santa Claus and, in full anticipation, begin preparations for their Christmas.

Corpse Bride

KP- 7,8 | IMDb- 7,3

The creation of the Gothic master - Tim Burtan. The main characters are timid Victor Van Dort and modest Victoria Everglot soon to be husband and wife. Their union is a marriage of convenience, but this did not stop them from falling in love with each other. On the eve of the wedding, by a strange coincidence and without knowing it, Victor proposes to another. But this other one turns out to be the corpse of a bride named Emily, which pulls the guy into the world of the dead.

Modern puppet cartoons


KP - 6,8 | IMDb- 7,3

Modern puppet animated cartoons for adults. From the director "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" и "Being John Malkovich".

Modern puppet cartoons

Michael Stone is a successful writer who is loved and revered by everyone. The only truth is that nothing pleases the main character for a long time - the world has become dull and gray for him. To Michael, all people look the same and speak with the same voice. But one day everything changes when he hears an unusually beautiful female voice, which becomes a breath of fresh air for him.

James and the Giant Peach

Kinopoisk - 6,7 | IMDb- 6,7

And again the creation of two masters, director Henry Celica and producer Tim Burtonthat give new life to puppet animation.

Modern puppet cartoons

One day, by an unusual coincidence, a boy named James gets into a huge peach. Inside this peach, he meets its inhabitants, who become good friends to him.


KP- 7,1 | IMDb- 6,9

A new look at a famous work Mary Shelley "Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus".  Boy Victor Frankenstein revives his dead dog Spike, after which a series of consequences occur.

Modern puppet cartoons

Monster Family

Kinopoisk- 6,7 | IMDb- 6,8

Korobyaki are box trolls who live in the sewers and raise an orphan boy Eggs. At night, they come to the surface in order to collect various human things and use them in their sewers. One day, one of the trolls is caught by troll hunters and Eggs goes to save him.

Modern puppet cartoons

Lost Link

KP - 6,9 | IMDb- 6,7

Mr. Link (Yeti) along with explorer Sir Lionel Frost and adventurer Adeline Fortnight, set off in search of the Shangri-La Valley. According to legend, Link's long-lost relatives live in this valley.

Modern puppet cartoons

Paranorman, or how to tame zombies

Kinopoisk - 6,7 | IMDb- 7

Above the city Blythe Hollow hangs a centuries-old curse. Norman Babcock – a boy who is a resident of this city has an unusual ability, he can communicate with the dead. Only a person with such a gift can save everyone from the impending threat.

Modern puppet cartoons

Kubo. The legend of the samurai

KP- 7,5 | IMDb- 7,8

Good-natured kubo guy makes a living by telling beautiful and fantastic stories. But one day, he accidentally frees the mythical spirits, who seek revenge. Kubo has no choice but to run and join the strange pair of guardians - Monet and the Beetle. Ahead of the team are incredible and exciting adventuresfull of dangers and trials.

Modern puppet cartoons

Pirates! Gang of Losers

KP - 6,6 | IMDb- 6,7

A cartoon about an incompetent but funny captain and his merry band of pirates. The team really wants to get an award "Pirate of the Year"which they have never received. But one fine day, luck smiles at the pirates. They take over the ship of the young Charles Darwin, which offers them a good deal.

Modern puppet cartoons

I hope you liked the selection of modern puppet cartoons. Below you can see how puppet puppets come to life with the help of technology. stop motion and how these types of cartoons are created:

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  1. A good selection of premieres. Most of all I was waiting for “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” and finally watched it in the cinema yesterday. This film is incredible, however, like the previous parts. Johnny Depp did not disappoint. I will definitely watch the other films.


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