Magpie commonwell known to residents Belarus and Europe, is found everywhere and has a recognizable color. The head, tail, wingtips, and legs are black, often with an unusual shade of blue, purple, or green. The rest of the body is white.

magpie bird

Females and males almost do not differ in appearance, however, as well as young individuals with old ones.

Magpie description and photos

Many legends and signs are associated with magpies. So this bird has long been considered a symbol of news, in some countries it is good, and in others, on the contrary, it is a harbinger of trouble (much more often bad things are still associated with a bird). There is even a fantastic story that the forty is the only animal that refused to board Noah's Ark, receiving the nickname “Devil's Bird” for this. Unfortunately, often people take such legends seriously and treat magpies with prejudice.

magpie bird

Despite all these signs, the magpie is famous for its intelligence and is considered one of the smartest birds. Leads a sedentary lifestyle, so it is found all year round. Forests prefer parks and small groves.

What does a magpie bird look like


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