Ministry of Communications and Informatization The Republic of Belarus with the assistance of a public organization (APB) issues six postage stamps on the theme "Falcons" from the series "Birds of Belarus".

Falcon stamps from the series "Birds of Belarus" are issued in Belarus

An artist and an ornithologist worked on the stamps Alexander Mityanin и designer Marina Vitkovskaya.

On the margins of stamped and small sheets, as well as on coupons - APB logo.

There are 6 species of falcons in Belarus. Three species of them, in which males are well distinguished from females, appeared on the stamps of the series. All these types of falcons are included in the Red Book. In addition to a quick reaction, one of the characteristic features of falcons is their absolute inability to build nests. In this regard, they depend on others. Birds and human help.

There are two brands dedicated to each species: separately male and female. Smaller falcons have relatively bright plumage, with each species having a distinctive silhouette.

Derbnik - rare on nesting in Belarus and prefers the northern regions, however, during migration and wintering, birds are found throughout the country. Males differ from females and young birds in their ashy head and back.

Kestrel – has been successfully developing the cities of Belarus for 40 years, where it occupies niches in high-rise buildings. The number of birds is growing rapidly. Birds on the hunt often hang at one point. Males differ from females in the ashy color of the head and tail.

Falcon stamps from the series "Birds of Belarus" are issued in Belarus

Kobchik is the only species out of three that no longer breeds in Belarus. Previously, red-footed falcons created here colonies of dozens of pairs, but today this species can be found here only on migration. Falcons are the brightest of all our falcons, as the males have a beautiful black color that contrasts well with the red paws.

Alexander Vinchevsky, director of APB:

- For almost the entire 20 years that APB has been cooperating with Belpochta, I have remembered the Polish series of 1974 with six types of falcons, which has been in my collection since childhood. Beautiful birds and stamps. I really wanted something similar to be released in Belarus. Thank you to the artists and leaders who finally made the falcon stamps real.

On July 7, at the Main Post Office in Minsk, a special cancellation “First Day” will take place.

Each stamp sheet contains five identical stamps and one coupon with a bird of the same species but of the opposite sex. On a small sheet - one stamp of each type. Circulation of each brand - 40 thousand copies.

Stamps have a denomination "А" (forwarding ordinary letters weighing up to 20 g across Belarus).

"N" (international forwarding of a simple non-priority postcard).

"M" (forwarding a simple priority postcard abroad).

Denomination "R" (forwarding international priority ordinary written correspondence (letters, parcels, small packages) weighing up to 20 grams inclusive).

"Н" (sending abroad non-priority letters, parcels, small packages weighing up to 20 g inclusive).

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