Originally a temple in Lida, which is now called Cathedral of Saint Michael the Archangel, was built as a church at the Piarist monastery. Work began at the end of the 18th century, when Emperor Pavel I Petrovich donated about 5 thousand rubles for the construction Church of Saint Joseph. The construction of the stone church was completed only in 1825. The temple operated for a very short time and already in 1832 it was closed. 10 years later there was a fire that significantly damaged the building. In 1863, the church in Lida suffered the fate of many Catholic churches - the transition into the hands of Orthodoxy.

Church in Lida

The style of the cathedral belongs to classicism, but with atypical elements. From the pediment, the temple looks like a Roman Pantheon, and a large but low dome returns to the canons of the construction of Orthodox churches.

Roman pantheon in Lida

Adjacent to the cathedral is a residential PR building, which was built simultaneously with the church. In fact, the complex is a single building.

PR Monastery in Lida

Near the former church there is a bell tower.

Belfry in Lida

From 1866 to 1919 there was an ambiguous period for the church in Lida. On the one hand, the parish had a good income, land and flock. On the other hand, local Catholics could not accept the fact that the building of the church was taken away from them. So, at the end of this period, an extremely unpleasant event happened: right during the service, unknown people staged a pogrom of the cathedral. It is difficult to say who was guilty, but from the same year, 1919, the temple was returned to the Catholics.

Cathedral in Lida

In 39, the future Lida Cathedral was closed; the two-story building of the former monastery is now an ordinary dwelling. After some time, a museum was opened within the walls of the temple, and in 1962 a planetarium (!).

Cathedral of St. Michael the Archangel in Lida

In the 80s, the building received the status of an architectural monument, and in the 96th year it was returned to Orthodox believers as the Cathedral of St. Michael the Archangel in Lida. The temple is active and is an important landmark of the city.

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