One of the main attractions of Brest is Cathedral of Saint Simeonfounded in the middle of the 19th century. The construction of the temple was achieved for quite a long time, and the first project was adopted back in 1846, but the actual work began much later - in April 1862 years. A few years later, in November 1865 years, the cathedral was solemnly consecrated.

Sights of Brest Cathedral

Sights of Brest Cathedral

The temple has a cuboid shape, a small semicircular apse and a relatively narrow vestibule. The architectural style of the building Russian-Byzantine (aka Tonovsky). True, some sources (*Architecture of Belarus, 1993) indicate a pseudo-Russian style of architecture.

What to see in Brest

In 1886, the church was reconstructed, its appearance has changed slightly. In the post-war Soviet period, the temple was not closed. In the late 80s, the 20th century, a large-scale restoration took place in the cathedral.

Cathedral in Brest

Next to the Cathedral of St. Simeon in 2005 set monument to Athanasius of Brest.

Saint Simeon sculpture Brest

Monastery at the Cathedral in Brest

Since 2007, the cathedral in Brest is included in the list monuments of architectural heritage of Belarus.

Brest Cathedral of St. Simeon

This attraction is located on Karl Marx street 84, near the city center.

See also options interesting excursions in Brest. By the way, next to the cathedral there is another historical object - former synagogue "Egdesh".

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