Mozyr - a unique city not only in terms of landscape, but also religious monuments. Pro Monastery and Church of the Cistercians already told, but did you know that almost a century before the Cistercians, monks came here Bernardine Order? They built their monastery in 1648 year, which was significantly rebuilt in 1760-75. Just during this period laid bosom, today known as Cathedral of Michael the Archangel in Mozyr.

Cathedral of St. Michael the Archangel in Mozyr

Former Bernardine monastery in Mozyr

Since 1832, the Bernardine monastery was closed, and in 1865 the church was given to the Orthodox Church.

Interesting sights in the city of Mozyr

The temple is a monument of late baroque architecture. Despite numerous reconstructions, the original style of the building has been preserved from the larger one. Monastery cells adjoin the cathedral, one building is located in the courtyard.

Orthodox Cathedral in Mozyr

During the anti-religious policy of the 20th century, the Mozyr Cathedral was used as a prison of the NKVD. It is believed that in less than 5 years of "work" about 2000 people were repressed here. In memory of these monstrous events, a small museum was established in the crypt of the temple, which has analogues in Belarus no.

Cathedral in Mozyr

Mozyr Cathedral

The cathedral in Mozyr is the cathedral and the main one in the diocese of Turov. In 2018, the last restoration of the walls of the temple was completed. Finding this attraction is easy, located on Frunze street 9.

Another interesting place in the city - abandoned old mansion of the 20th century.

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