The history of the construction of an Orthodox church in Pruzhany should be called typical for Belarus 19th century. After the defeat of the uprising of 1863, a period of large-scale church building begins. In all regions of the country, committees were created responsible for the construction of temples. Pruzhany are no exception. And in 1864, according to the project of the architect Mikhailovsky, construction work began.

Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevsky in Pruzhany

In October 1866 years church in Pruzhany solemnly consecrated in honor of Alexander Nevsky.

Church in Pruzhany

The architecture of the cathedral is a mixture of pseudo-Russian style and classicism. The temple has 3 naves, with a massive illuminated domed drum and a belfry tower.

Pruzhany Cathedral

Interesting fact: in Soviet times, the territory of the cathedral was planned to be built up with housing. However, believers were able to defend the church cemetery, where they planned to build a five-story building.

Orthodox Cathedral in the city of Pruzhany

Pruzhany has its own unique holiday - “Pruzhany Golgotha', celebrated on April 9. In 1990, the cathedral was restored, and a Sunday school was opened. The temple is active, located on Shirma street 3.

Opposite the cathedral is another interesting sight of the city - malls. Closer to the historical center you can visit Church of the Virgin Mary и Shvykovsky's estate.

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