Bullfinch - a beautiful bird of small size, 15-17 centimeters, which is quite easy to identify. So distinctive males - bright rich red belly, neck and even cheeks. The female, on the contrary, has a dark color with combinations of brown, gray and brown. In the trees and in flight, the female bullfinch is much more difficult to detect than the male.

Zvychayny snyagir, Gil
How does a female bullfinch look like?

В Belarus, Pyrrhula pyrrhula, can be found throughout the year, both in woodlands and in urban parks. However, in winter it is much easier to see the bullfinch, the bright coloring helps a lot in this.

What does an ordinary bullfinch look like

Bullfinch in Belarus

In addition to various seeds and buds of trees, bullfinches are lovers of berries, especially mountain ash. Therefore, like field thrushes they are worth looking out for on fruit trees.

Beautiful bird with a red belly

bullfinch bird

The common bullfinch belongs to the order of passeriformes from the finch family, a songbird.


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