В Belarus you can see not only architectural and natural monuments, but also unusual places and locations. For example full-scale shooting pavilion of the film studio "Belarusfilm" in the Smolevichi region.


Village Kamenka

Here, on a permanent basis, various scenery for filming is installed. films.

Commandant's Office Belarus

In folk usage, the place received the name - "Smolwood“, such a mixture of Hollywood and Smolevichi.

Church in Smallwood

The natural site has been used by the main film studio of the country (and not only it) for more than 50 years. Over such a long history, frames were filmed here and scenery for hundreds of films was equipped.

Wooden temple in Smolwood

On the vast territory of the shooting pavilion (about 85 hectares), not only the village of the first half of the 20th century was recreated. There are also market rows, a hospital, an Orthodox church, military fortifications, a chapel, a narrow gauge railway and much more.

Old WWII posters

Old WWII Market

Hermit's house in Belarus

Walking between the scenery and filming locations, you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of cinema, and also seem to fall into the past, you believe in the created attributes so much.

Outdoor pavilion Belarusfilm "Smolevud" Kamenka village

Outdoor pavilion Belarusfilm "Smolevud"

Paramedic's house Belarus

Outdoor pavilion Belarusfilm "Smolevud"

Precinct policeman shooting pavilion

Pavilion for filming in Belarus


The natural pavilion is located near the village Kamenka. Before the trip, it is better to look at the official website of Belarusfilm and see if the conditions for visiting this place have changed. There are some nuances for those who plan to shoot something or conduct professional photo sessions.

If you are in these parts, I also recommend that you look into Alesino, where the distillery Vankovichi. Another interesting item - manor complex in RovanichiUnfortunately, the palace is partially abandoned.

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