A little far from the center of Slutsk used to be an impressive complex Trinity Cathedral. This male Orthodox monastery was founded in the middle of the 15th century, but there are more bold assumptions that send us back to the first half of the 12th century. Of course, during such a long history, the wooden buildings of the monastery were destroyed and rebuilt more than once.

What did the Trinity Monastery in Slutsk look like?
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Trinity Churchwhich is depicted Napoleon Orda in his picture, built of stone in place of a wooden predecessor in 1789. True, there is information that many works continued until 1804.

Trinity Cathedral in Slutsk
painting by Napoleon Orda, second half of the 19th century

Today, the only reminder of this monastery is the building Slutsk Theological School. The educational institution operated from 1767 (* in fact, much earlier, since a school for petty-bourgeois children had been operating at the monastery since 1600) until the first half of the 20th century. Since 1785 the school had the status of an Orthodox seminary.

Theological school in Slutsk on Vilenskaya street

The building that can be seen now was built to replace the already dilapidated wooden buildings in 1885.

Slutsk Spiritual School

Right next to it was located gate church (well seen in old photographs and postcards).

Where was the brama church in Slutsk?
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What to see in Slutsk?

There is no exact information when the Orthodox monastery in Slutsk was closed completely. This probably happened in 1925, when units of the infantry of the Red Army moved into the buildings of the religious school and the cells of the cathedral.

Troichansky monastery in Slutsk

At that time, various exhibits of the Slutsk Museum of Local Lore were kept in the Gate Church. Then some of them were transported, and some disappeared without a trace.

Where was the Gate Church in Slutsk
The place where the Gate Church was supposedly located. There is another option that the temple stood on the site of the building at Vilenskaya 45a
Where was the Gate Church in Slutsk?
zdymak 1915

There is an assumption that brama church and the cathedral was destroyed in the 30s. Some researchers of Slutsk adhere to the version that the complex was finally destroyed in 1944. The old-timers of the city do not support this theory and point out that back in the early 50s, the gate and the cathedral, although in the form of ruins, were still standing.

Ruined Trinity Monastery in Slutsk
zdymak 1943

The residential buildings of the monastery lasted much longer and were used for various needs until 1960. In parallel, there was an active development of the territory of the complex: the House of Culture, new 3-storey barracks, utility buildings and much more appeared.

Barracks on the site of the Trinity Cathedral in Slutsk

As a result of these reconstructions, the territory of the complex has changed so dramatically that it is rather problematic to determine the place where the Trinity Cathedral and the gate were located. There are no traces of the monastery left - only old photographs and marks on pre-war maps. The walls of the former religious school today house the Slutsk State Medical College.

Where was the Trinity Monastery in Slutsk?

The building is on the street Vilenskaya 45, below is the point with the location on the map:

There is another unique attraction in Slutsk - oldest school on the territory of Belarus.

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