Belarus periodically flashed in foreign films and serials. Basically, she was given quite episodic mentions, like “villain Ivan from Minsk“. If we talk about animated pictures, that one is still more modest. The name of our country appeared in Futurama and The Simpsons. There's a pretty famous episode in South Park. However, the creators anime Code Geass went much further and showed the whole city of Belarus - Slonim. Surprisingly, some of the sights of the city are drawn in some detail in the anime. One of the first shots in the series entrance to Slonim. It is interesting that the authors paid such attention to the little things: the correct coat of arms, and the name of the city in the Belarusian language.

The city of Slonim in the anime Code Geass

The next recognizable object shown in the anime is Transfiguration Cathedral.

Slonim in the anime

Just look how accurately the architecture is transferred. The monument to Lenin was replaced with a monument to the ruler from the plot of the anime.

This one Slonim Cathedral will be featured most in an episode of Code Geass.

Code Geass showed Belarus

Slonim in the anime
view from Pervomaiskaya street

Next to the cathedral is a remarkable two-story brick building, where the police station used to be. In the anime, the inscription “Police” is on the facade (*here is just a grammatical error, in white - police)

Code Geass and the city of Slonim

The city of Slonim in the anime Code Geass

Former police building in Slonim

One of the central attractions of Slonim - synagogue. In the anime, she was shown restored and slightly modified.

Anime about Belarus

The Slonim synagogue had such a look, as in the lower screenshot, at the beginning of the 20th century. The creators of the anime are worthy of respect for doing a great job and thoroughly approaching the little things.

Synagogue of Slonim in the anime

Main synagogue in Slonim
This is what the synagogue looks like

Anime about Belarus

slonim synagogue

There is also a funny Easter egg in the form of a stall (pay attention to the inscription).

Anime about Belarus

There are even shots inside the Slonim synagogue, there is a battle between the two main characters.

Anime about Belarus

After watching an episode from the anime Code Geass, I more carefully found frames where you can see another iconic place in Slonim - church and convent of the Bernardines. On one stage you can see the church itself.

Belarus in the anime

And on the other - brama.

Belarus in the anime

Brama of the church in Slonim

At the end of the episode of the series there is another interesting detail - map with cities of Belarus (*note in white).

Slonim in the anime

One can only be surprised at the hard work of the authors of Code Geass. Spending so much time working through unfamiliar locations that almost certainly no one will recognize? It deserves attention and respect. By the way, see other interesting places in Slonim, for example - Albertin Manor.

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Nikolai Spiridonov
Nikolai Spiridonov
9 months ago

I didn’t watch the anime, but I found out the locations, so I can’t agree with the conclusions)

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