Continuing the endless, but so beloved, cycle trips in Belarus today about city ​​of Slonim and its attractions, as well as the surrounding area. Slonim can be reached by public transport, minibus and of course by car. The last option was our choice. Distance from Minsk to Slonim is a little more than 200 kilometers and overcome in a couple of hours.

The coat of arms of the city clearly indicates that Slonim owes its appearance to the Sapieha. The name of the official coat of arms is Fox, but there is no fox on the coat of arms at all.

Slonim what to see in the city

Slonim has many positive factors that could make this city a real tourist magnet. A beautiful historical center with a pleasant central street, a good geographical position on Belarus map and the special atmosphere of a small town.

main synagogue

Some facts and history

  • The population hardly reaches the level of 50 thousand inhabitants.
  • The city is one of the oldest cities in Belarus.

Despite the fact that the mention of the city dates back to 1252, the first human settlements arose here much earlier, back in the XNUMXth century. For many centuries on the territory of the ancient part of the city, or as it is called the Castle, some buildings were replaced by others.

Archaeological excavations have shown that there was originally a settlement here, then a wooden castle was built, and then a stone one. And, interestingly, over the centuries the location has not changed, construction was carried out in this part of the city.

cathedral in slonim

Slonim XVIII century associated with three interconnected squares. It is primarily about retail space, synagogue square и square located in front of the Dominican church.

Church in Slonim

synagogue in slonim

The main square was still considered to be the trading square, it was to it that all the streets of the city stretched. It housed the central administrative building - the town hall, as well as shops and craft workshops.

As befits, the city follows the unspoken rules of the architectural and planning structure. At intersection Pushkin streets, May Day и Yankee Kupala a park with shopping arcades and main attractions was formed.

Historical buildings and monuments of interest are limited (conditionally) to a certain historical and cultural zone. The boundaries of the zone can be considered Y. Kupala, Engels streets, Pharmacy lane, as well as Bankova street. The historical part of the city is almost partially preserved (when compared with the archival layout of the XNUMXth century).

main street of Slonim old photo
source: Globus of Belarus

The layout of the squares, as well as most of the streets, has survived to this day. The XNUMXth century, with its destructive wars and restructuring of the cultural and historical part of the city, practically did not touch.

Sights of Slonim

Partially preserved on Sovetskaya Street Main Synagoguebuilt in the 17th century. The building of the temple is now conserved and is awaiting restoration.

synagogue interior

Synagogue in Slonim

Slonim Church of the Bernardines - one of the main attractions of the city.

Church of the Immaculate Conception

Erected in the middle of the 17th century, in the 18th century a residential building was attached to the church. Both buildings have been preserved.

Church in Slonim

The region's economy also developed rapidly. Built in the 18th century 54 km canal, which connected the basins of the Black and Baltic Seas. Thus, an important trading pier was located on the Shchar.

Construction was completed at the end of 2005 Cathedral of the Transfiguration, which organically fit into the architecture of the city and is the “youngest” attraction.

what to see in elephant

Slonim Cathedral Belarus

A little further away you can see an interesting building fire tower.

In the historical center of the city there are residential and civil buildings of a certain value, it should also be noted the chapel of Dominica. In the area of ​​​​Lenin Square there are buildings of the XVIII-XIX centuries.

Old photo of Slonim
city ​​mansion on Mayakovsky street, 7, source: Globus of Belarus

It is difficult to single out any layout here, the building was carried out haphazardly, it is also difficult to determine the architectural direction. The old part of the city basically has houses built in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The bank and post office buildings are architecturally built in the style of modernism.

Another important attraction in the city can be safely called Church of St. Andrew the Apostle, it is located slightly away from the center, on Lev Sapieha Square.

In front of the building of the executive committee there are three light and music fountains, it is near them that local residents and guests of the city like to gather. Many tend to consider this place the central square.

A special place in Slonim is a suburb, and specifically suburb Albertin. It has the coolest atmosphere and several interesting buildings, as well as a park with ponds.

And a few more attractions in the region

Very close to Slonim there are 2 cult sights. V Synkovichi you can see the defensive temple of the 16th century, and in Zhirovichi - the main Orthodox church of the country.


If you have time, you can go to Ruzhany (about 40 kilometers). This urban village has preserved a unique Trinity Church of the 17th century and interesting Peter and Paul Church.

What to see in Ruzhany

Church of Ruzhany

Another reason to visit Ruzhany - ruins of Sapieha Palace.

Ruzhany Palace Sapieha

This is how Slonim and its surroundings are today, the past and the present are intertwined here. If you evaluate the city from the point of view of a visitor, then you can note the compact location of all areas, tourists have something to see here.