The most classic part of any Travel is a visit to Attraction, because how else? And if церкви, churches, streets and squares every tourist sees by will or by chance, then looking into a specific museum for a connoisseur is another matter. There was a lot of material on our site about Skateboard Museum of the USSR, it's time to talk about a similar place but several thousand kilometers away, namely - Skateboard Museum Morro Bay in sunny California.

The museum is located in an unrealistically picturesque place - Moro Bay, a few hours from the city of all American skaters - Los Angeles. The town is so cute and calm that you just don’t expect to find a whole exhibition hall about skateboarding here, rather you expect a museum about whales and elephant seals, but not about skate culture.

Entrance to the museum is free for everyone. There is a special box where you, on a voluntary basis, can support the enthusiasm of the owners.

skateboard museum in morro bay

It is very difficult to describe the exposition of the museum for a person far from skateboarding, but this does not mean at all that you will be bored and uninterested. Few facts:

  1. The museum in Morro Bay is considered the second largest skateboard museum in the world.
  2. More than 300 unique skateboard models in the collection
  3. Here is the second largest skateboard in the world
  4. The museum was created by skaters without any support

The museum began its work in July 2012, but it is clear that all the artifacts were collected over several decades before the official opening.

All affairs here are managed by a well-known skater in their circles - Jack Smith and photographer Eric Torhorst.

As it should be, in such projects, the main article of the existence of the museum is the sale of merchandise, souvenirs and the help of connoisseurs from all over the world. And from that it is triple nice to see that the guys are doing great. Agree, in the 21st century it is difficult to find something really authentic and interesting, not just another faceless it-startup whose goal is to sell out quickly, but a project created with a soul that can remain for many years.

Skateboard Museum Morro Bay houses a huge skateboard created by the Foundation in the 2000s. The photo on it is like a must do in this place.

USA travel

I hope you were interested to learn about such a place, travel and learn something new every day. And yes, if you want to help the skateboard museum - copy the link

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