urban settlement Stomach well known on the tourist map, because it is here that one of the most cinematic estates of Belarus, which belonged to Svyatopolk-Chetvertinsky. You can also see it in Zheludok Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, as well as part of the Jewish heritage represented by a number of buildings.

Synagogues of Belarus

The most interesting object is the building of the former synagogues in the very center of the village of Zheludok. Despite the rebuilt appearance, the unusual architecture immediately suggests that this is something historical.

Zhaludok synagogue

It is known that at the end of the 19th century there were two stone synagogues in the town, one of which is exactly in these photographs. In addition, Jews built a mikvah (public bath) in Zheludok; the building has been partially preserved and is located on Batyreva Street, 9.

The building of the former synagogue Zhaludok

The synagogue was closed in 1939, and the building itself was taken from the community and given over to the needs of a cultural center (at first it was the “House of the Red Army”). In the post-war years, two more parts were added to the main volume - a two-story administration and a utility room. The result is an incomprehensible three-level “sandwich”, where the central part is that same synagogue.

Where was the synagogue in Zhaludka?

The features of Art Nouveau architecture are visible only from the side of the synagogue where the information plaque hangs. Initially, the building had a beautiful figured pediment.

Synagogue in Zheludok

Walking around the village, you can easily find several more buildings from the first half of the 20th century, which were most likely also built by the Jewish community of Zheludok. Below is a dot with a place on the map where the former synagogue is located:

If you are in these parts, I recommend going to Shchuchin, where you can visit a unique PR Monastery at the Church of St. Teresa.

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