high - This is a small city of five thousand in Kamenetsky district, Brest region. Before the start of the war, a large Jewish community lived here, about 2000 people (about 35% of all residents). There was a Jewish school, as well as synagogue, ruin which can be seen today.

Abandoned Synagogue High

The exact date of construction of this synagogue is unknown. Various sources indicate the period from the end of the 18th to the second half of the 19th century.

The ruins of the synagogue in Vysokoe

After the war, the building was not destroyed, and a sports school was organized within its walls.

Synagogue in Vysokoye old photo
photo from kamenets.by | presumably mid 20th century

Synagogue in Vysokoe

When the building was no longer in use, it was simply abandoned. Probably there were attempts to demolish the synagogue, otherwise it is difficult to explain the huge rift at the entrance.

high synagogue

A few years ago, a memorial plaque was erected near the walls of the former Jewish temple in memory of the executed and dead Jews in Vysokoe.

See others synagogues in Belarus. In the city of Vysokoe it is worth paying attention Trinity Church и Brame Sapieha.


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