Porozovo - this is an interesting place in the Svisloch district, Grodno region, where there are enough historical objects. One of which is the former synagoguebuilt in the second half of the 19th century. The uniqueness of this synagogue is that it is made of large rubble stone.

What to see in Porozovo?

The ruins of the synagogue in Porozovo

During World War II, a Ghetto was created in Porozovo, which included Jewish residents of the then Porozovo district. Most of these people were killed before 1944. Since that time, the Jewish history of the urban village has been almost completely interrupted, and this ancient building serves as one of the few reminders.

Porozovo what to see?

In Soviet times, the building was converted into a warehouse, the roof was rebuilt and the internal layout was changed. Over time, the need for this object disappeared and it simply ceased to be used.

Synagogue of Porazava

In 2019, the former synagogue was put up for auction for 18 rubles. Unfortunately, there were no buyers, but everyone had the opportunity to look into the technical passport, where you can see some of the characteristics of the building. So the total area is 474 m2, it has 2 floors, the date of acceptance for balance is 1964.

Abandoned synagogue in the agricultural town of Porozovo

A year earlier, in 2018, people from Porozovo erected a memorial stone in memory of 354 executed Jews.

Pomnіk kalya synagogue ў Porazava

The synagogue is located near the center of the urban village, near the P78 road, below is a point with a mark on the map:

In Porozovo see the old church of 1828 and the wooden manor of Butovt-Andreikovich. I also advise you to go to one of the oldest cities in Belarus - Volkovysk.

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