Oshmyany - a settlement rich in sights and interesting places. Here in the center of the city there is a beautiful Church of St. Michael the Archangel и Resurrection Church. A little further colorful ruins of the Franciscan church, and outside the city Strugach's estate. Among other things, it is worth highlighting another unique place - ashmiany synagogue.

Synagogue in Oshmyany

Oshmyany synagogue, old photo before 1939
krynitsa: library named after J. Karskag, zdymak and 1939

See the synagogue Oshmyany absolutely no wonder - in the 19th century, more than 50% of the city's population were Jews.

Oshmiany synagogue, description, photo

Preserved in its original form, the synagogue is an architectural and religious monument.

What does the synagogue in Oshmyany look like inside?

Synagogue Ashmyany inside

The date of construction is 1912 year, however, there is another option - 1902 year. Perhaps the reason for this ambiguity in dates is that the building was rebuilt from an old synagogue.

abandoned house

The synagogue was built of red brick in the traditional Jewish style, but with certain local features and atypical techniques. Externally, the building is quite strict, rectangular in shape, without bright expressive frills, but with decorative elements. Stained glass stands out rose windowlocated above the entrance.

ashmyany synagogue

The tri-sloped wooden roof also attracts attention - such solutions are rarely found in modern architecture today.

ashmyany synagogue photo

Despite its 100-year-old age, the building has been well preserved (when compared with other synagogues in Belarus). Yes, the brick has collapsed in places and the roof is leaking, the windows are boarded up, but the general historical appearance has not changed much.

ashmyany synagogue

Another important, but already touristy, part is the opportunity to look inside the synagogue and see the painting, the ceiling and some other authentic elements.

The ceiling of the synagogue in Oshmyany

Oshmyany synagogue, Belarus

Pay attention to the empty niches above the pilasters (there are 12 of them), there used to be stylized images of the signs of the zodiac.

What does the synagogue in Oshmyany look like inside?

What's inside the synagogue in Oshmyany?

The local guide has shots with all the images.

What did the painting look like on the walls in Oshmyany

When you get inside the Oshmyany synagogue, the arched gallery on the second floor immediately catches your eye - there was a special women's floor there.

Women's floor in the synagogue

Women's floor, synagogue in Oshmyany

During the Second World War, the synagogue turned from a religious place into a terrible ghetto. The building and surrounding streets became the center of the local prison. The post-war period did not become rosy for the synagogue - a warehouse and production were located within its walls.

What does the synagogue look like in Oshmyany?

In 2012, the former synagogue was transferred to the balance of the local museum named after Francis Bogushevich, and since 2015 a small exhibition hall has been opened here.

Things to Do in Oshmyany

This ancient monument is located in the historical center of the city of Oshmyany, on Mickiewicz street 73, below is a point on the map:

Read about others synagogues in Belarus, some of them have been preserved and even restored, while others have been completely lost.

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