Moving on highway P54 south to the side Nesvizh you can see picturesque the ruins of the synagogue in the village of New Sverzhen. The monument dates from the end of the 1th - the 70st half of the XNUMXth century. The village of Novy Sverzhen is only XNUMX km away. from the capital of Belarus and rich in attractions. Due to its good location, there are enough passing tourists.

The ruins of the synagogue in the village of New Sverzhen

On the banks of the Neman, merchants actively sold and stored their goods. That is why the building of the city began from the river, where the synagogue was located.

Ruins of the New Sverzhen Synagogue

It is easy to find the ruins: to the central square in front of Church of St. Peter and Paul, turn right into a narrow street between private houses (turn opposite Assumption Church).

The former synagogue will be located there, or rather what is left of it.

Synagogue in the village of New Sverzhen

Location of the ruins on the map:

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Sasha Poshykovich
Sasha Poshykovich
3 years ago

of course, we have an unenviable fate at the synagogues .. almost all are abandoned and solid ruins