International SIM card for travel Drimsim

Items without which no modern person is ready to go to journey - passport, bank card and mobile phone. Staying connected and accessing the Internet without restrictions is one of the main needs of our time. Often you need to make calls while away from home and work. Yes, viber and skype help a lot, but it is not always possible to find wi-fi, and no one wants to pay fabulous money for roaming. Sharing a life hack. Surely you have heard about international sim cards for travel, which allow you to talk with loved ones, exchange messages and go online at competitive rates. One of them is international sim card Drimsim.

What is the meaning of Drimsim?

After all, you can buy a SIM card from a local operator and get the same benefit. Yes, you can. But it is much easier to buy one card and use it in different countries. And do not go off the plane with thoughts "where to find a SIM card."

trimsim works without a subscription fee. You can use it in 197 countries. In addition, you do not need to go for it, Drimsim will be delivered to your city (check with the manager for delivery to the exact address).

The cost of this card is 10 euro. It is easy to work with her. Install the mobile app to control your expenses dreamsim. With it, you can check your balance and track how much money you spent on certain transactions.

How to order?

To order a SIM card, you need go to Drimsim website or do it through the app. Now there are two options for SIM cards: classic and virtual (eSIM for the latest iphone and android devices). First of all, you enter personal data: first name, last name, phone number and e-mail.

dreamsim order

Next, you need to select the number of SIM cards that you would like to purchase.

dreamsim order

The card will be delivered fairly quickly. They called me on the day of the order (Minsk, Belarus) and the courier brought it to my house. Delivered in an envelope, neatly packaged.

Inside is the international SIM card itself, a brochure and a sticker.

Next, you have to activate the SIM card in the application. To do this, you will need to scan the barcode of the SIM card and passport. Everything is described in detail in the instructions.

After activation, you will have the opportunity to invite friends and receive a bonus - 7 euros to your account. Get both you and a friend. Try to use my reference and get a nice bonus.

Drimsim promo code

In the same window you can get a discount on the purchase Drimsim through promo code. You need to enter the correct combination, click on activation and get a guaranteed discount.

dreamsim promo code

The next step is to indicate the exact address and pay for the order. You can save not only with a promo code. If you want to get a bonus, share the link to Drimsim on social networks with your friends. After a friend orders the same card for himself and tops up the balance by 25 euros, you will receive 7 euros to your account. The rates for calls and Internet can be found on the website. For example, the cost of 1 minute of a call from Spain to Belarus will cost 60 euro cents.

drimsim tariffs

Below are indicative rates for services. Tariffs in a particular country, see the company's website.

A small overview video from Drimsim, which briefly explains what kind of SIM card it is and what it is for.


  1. From user experience. In the US, the card really helped. Sitting on Instagram or watching YouTube is definitely not expensive. But to close your main questions: map, calls, answers by mail and in social networks - the norms.

    Also used in Turkey - no questions asked, but again, all use is for basic travel stuff. If you expect to throw 10 euros and stream, then there is no chance.


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