In Verdomichi, Svisloch district, there was once a family estate Tollochkowho have owned the place since 1817. As expected, the representatives of this ancient family built manor, or rather real palace. Already by 1830, the head of the family, Julian Tollochko, was finishing work on a luxurious house. During the second half of the 19th century, the palace was rebuilt and expanded - two new wings appeared, a three-tiered tower with a spire was completed. Thanks to the traveler Napoleon Orda you can see how this manor looked in those years.

Napoleon horde Tollochko estate
1877 drawing by Napoleon Orda, seen from the Landscape Park

There are several versions about the place where the Tollochko estate stood. According to the first, the building was built on the foundation of the old Bulgarin house, and according to the other, an embankment was prepared for the palace on the shore of the reservoir. It is known that in 1905 the palace in Verdomichi was partially rebuilt again, in old photographs you can see how the tower and the architecture of the building as a whole have changed.

Verdomichi estate Tollochko?
the same view as in the painting by Napoleon Orda. photo source: Aftanazy Roman. “Dzieje rezydencji na dawnych kresach Rzeczypospolitej”
Verdomichi - where was the Tollochko estate?
front entrance, photo of the first half of the 20th century, taken before 1916

From the park to the estate there was a small footbridge.

Lost Heritage - Tollochko Estate
photo from the book Aftanazy Roman, Volume 2

Around the entire manor complex there was a fence made of rubble stone, fragments of which have survived to this day. A two-story servants' house also survived, albeit in a very neglected form.

Verdomichi ruins

Among the outbuildings, the former barn, made with features of neo-Gothic architecture and decorated with arched false niches, also looks interesting.

Ruins in the village of Veromichi

Lost heritage in the village of Verdomichi

The ancient palace was burnt down during the First World War and has not been rebuilt. The last representatives of Tollochko lived in a small stone office, the ruins of which can still be found on the outskirts of the park.

Ruins of Verdomichi

In addition, buildings from the late 19th century Brovar remained in Verdomichi, the building is badly destroyed, but still surprises with its unusual architecture.

Brovar ruins in the agricultural town of Verdomichi

Ruined manor Tollochka in Verdomichi

Much better than outbuildings looks chapel-tomb of Tollochko, it was partially restored in the 90s. You can find the ruins of the brovar not far from the main street of the agricultural town of Verdomichi - move along the dirt road to the water, below is the point with the location of the object on the map:

If you are in these parts, I recommend to go to Gniezno to see the Gothic church, and on the way to visit Mstibovo.


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