Right on the border Upper city of Minsk, from the side of Internatsionalnaya Street, you can see a small manor late 18th - first half of the 19th century, associated with the surname Vankovichi. Now within the walls of this historical monument there is a museum “Culture and Art of the First Half of the 19th Century”, and the attraction itself is called House of Vankovichi. True, the construction of this estate was carried out by another well-known family - the Drutsky-Lyubetsky, from whom the estate passed to Jan Khodzko. And then, in 1846 year, the building was bought by Edward Vankovich.

Manor Vankovichi in Minsk

During its long history, the manor complex has been rebuilt more than once, but the original classical architecture has been preserved. In addition to the one-story manor house, you can also see 2 outbuildings. One of them (the one on the left) is authentic, the second one was completely restored in the early 2000s on the old foundation.

Where was the Vankovichi estate in Minsk?
source: Tygodnik Illustrowany. Nr. 21-22, 1918
1916 photo of the year

A monument was erected on the manor territory in 2010 Valenty-Wilhelm Vankovich. This sculptural composition is called “The Mastak's Wound”, it was made by Vladimir Slabodchikov. It is rather curious that Valenty himself lived in another Vankovichi estate, the one in Slepyanka, and had no direct relation to this place.

Manor Vankovichi in Minsk

The Vankoviches, along the line of Edward (Valenty's cousin), owned this estate until 1920, after which the estate was nationalized. For quite a long time, the buildings were used for public housing, until in 1980 a decision was made to create a museum complex on this basis.

Where was the Vankovichi estate in Minsk?

The museum in a restored house was opened in 2000, where it continues to work today. Open from 10:00 to 18:00, Monday and Sunday are days off, admission is paid, but tickets are very inexpensive.

Wing Vankovichi

Vankovich's house is located on the street International 33a, below is the point with the location on the map:

Going a little further, look at one of the oldest buildings in Minsk - former convent of the Basilians. Then I recommend going to Cathedral of the Descent of the Holy Spirit, and after to Peter and Paul Church on Nemiga.

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