A place with a beautiful and sonorous name revenge is located in Borisovsky district, Minsk region. These lands have a rich and ancient history, which, unfortunately, is poorly understood. The first annalistic references date back to the 14th century, when the steward Vasil Lakh donated the Mstizh Gospel to the local church. Then the history of the town was connected with the Radziwills, Tyszkiewicz, Khreptovichi and, ultimately, the Slugs. Under the latter, Mstizh reached its peak of economic prosperity and prosperity. As was customary in those years, the gentry built estates for themselves and their heirs. In Mstizh, through the efforts of Nikolai Sliznya and his son Jozef, a palace was also built, from which only the entrance gate has survived to this day. brama.

Gate of Slugs in the village of Mstizh

Brama Mstizh

The two-storey stone palace appeared at the end of the 18th - the first half of the 19th century. A paved road through the park led from the gate to it, and the entire estate territory was surrounded by a fence of large boulders.

Syadzibna-parkovy complex Sliznyau

Fence Mstizh

Similar gates to the one that has been preserved were from other sides of the Slug estate, only four.

Where was the estate of Slugs in Mstizh

From the middle of the 19th century, the rich estate began to gradually fade and split up. Jozef Sliznya had only daughters, so the new owners of the town of Mstizh were his son-in-law Ignatius Bulgak (the husband of the eldest daughter) and the second son-in-law, the husband of the youngest daughter Sophia, Genrikh Valovich. Already at that time, the estate was occupied by various tenants, and the heirs came only for summer vacations.

Mstizh, Borisovsky district

The stone palace was dismantled to the foundation in 1890, it is believed that after a strong fire. Then the estate was rebuilt, but in a much simplified version. During the first half of the 20th century, most of the buildings from the time of the Slugs have already been demolished, only the main gate and the ruins of the brovar have been preserved.

Mstizh village, Borisovsky district

Where it is today Holy Cross Church in 1760 a wooden church was erected, later re-consecrated into an Orthodox church. In the old picture, you can see that there was also a memorial column in the neighborhood, a fairly typical project.

Where was the church in the village of Mstizh
1900, photo from the Kalektsy: “Christian churches of Belarus on photographs of Jan Balzunkevich”
Church in the village of Mstizh
modern church in the village of Mstizh, built in 2001

Below is the point with the mark of the gate of Slugs on the map:

Not far from the agricultural town of Mstizh, there is another interesting place, which also belonged to the Slugs at one time - Vorovsky village. In addition, I recommend stopping by Zembin to look at the ruins Church of the Virgin Mary.

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