Business card and the most popular attraction in the city Shchuchin - Palace of Drutsky-Lyubetsky. It was built on the site of another estate at the end of the 19th century. Conveniently located on the shore of the Man-Made Lake, almost on the embankment itself.

Palace of the Drutsky Lubetskys in Shchuchin

Shchuchin Palace

It is believed that this palace was built according to the project of a Polish architect. Tadeusz Rostvorovsky. The shape of the building is two-story, compact, made in the architecture of classicism (some sources indicate St. Petersburg neoclassicism and eclecticism). The central place in the composition of the palace is occupied by a peculiar loggia with two Ionic columns. 

Palace near Shchuchyne

On the back side of the palace, also called the park facade, there is another entrance, made in a classical style with a four-column portico.

Shchuchinsky Palace

The palace in Shchuchyn was built for a long time and with problems due to the illness of Prince Vladislav Drutsky-Lubetsky. Thus, by 1913, the finishing work had not yet been completely completed, and the family did not have the means to quickly complete it.

Palace in Shchuchin

Shchuchin Palace

During World War I Shchuchinsky Palace stood untouched. The last representative of the Drutsky-Lyubetsky managed to return to his native land - Prince Jan Vladislavovich. However, after the war, work on the family estate did not begin, there was post-war devastation around.

Shchuchyn Palace of Drutsky-Lubetsky

During the Soviet period, after World War II, administrative services were located within the walls of the palace. For some time, military personnel were quartered here, then the building was empty and looked neglected. Already in the 90s they wanted to start restoration work, but the project kept being postponed. Despite these factors, in 2015 the renovated palace in Shchuchyn opened its doors.

Shchuchin Palace

In a palace Drutsky-Lyubetsky a local school of creativity for children and youth is based. In addition, there is a museum with several halls of various themes. The museum's normal opening hours are from 8: 00 to 17: 00Sunday and Saturday are days off. Contact number for communication: +375151474052. Finding this attraction in Shchuchyn is not difficult, see the mark on the map:

It will still be interesting to see in Shchuchin Church of St. Teresa and the monastery of PR. Other interesting places in Belarus.

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