Ruins of a chapel near the village of Servech

If you are interested in intricate and complex sights of Belarus, then you will definitely be interested in visiting the ruins of the chapel near the village Servech, Grodno region. Most sources attribute the construction of this tomb to the family Neselovsky in 1851. Is it so? It is difficult to say, there is very little information and often one fact contradicts another. Let's try to understand the history of this place.

Get to tombs of the Neselovskys it won't be easy. The main landmark is the village of Servech, from where, after 1,5 kilometers to the side Lubanich you will find a small path along the river. It can be driven by car in good weather, but it's better not to risk it and go on foot. After 10 - 15 minutes on the left side you will see a hill, overgrown with trees and bushes, here are the ruins of the chapel.

What is known about the village of Servech?

Born in these parts Samuil Maskevichwho owned these lands. He left a significant mark on history as the author of historical memoirs covering a significant period of events in the early 17th century. At the end of his life, being in the rank of Novogrudok commander, he built a Uniate church in the village of Servech. It is quite possible that it is in the place where the ruins of the chapel are located today.

The next famous owners of the village of Servech were just Neselovskie. Jozef Neselovsky  in 1773 he held the position of Novogrudok governor. In 1794, he took an active part in preparing the uprising of Tadeusz Kosciuszko, for which he was arrested, but pardoned. The estates were kept behind him, and Jozef himself retired from politics. He died in 1814, long before the construction of the chapel.

Unlike the father, the son Xavier Neselovsky  He did not ask for mercy, was in prison, and then left for Germany. He returned to his small homeland in 1796, but after 2 years he was again arrested. Supported the Napoleonic invasions in 1812. After these events and the death of his father in 1814, he sold his estates and left for Poland. Did he have the opportunity to build a tomb? Probably not.


Despite the long abandonment, neo-Gothic features are recognizable in the tomb. Lancet window openings are partially preserved, and you can also go down to the basement.

The crypt is empty, the tombstones are broken and removed. If you go to these parts to see what the Neselovsky tomb looks like in the village of Servech, be very careful and attentive. The foundation is leaky and you can easily fall into the holes under the chapel. 

On the way to these parts, take a look Valevka Church 1685 10 kilometers. Another interesting place Gothic church in Reitz... Other attractions on the map.

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