One of the most unique churches in Belarus can be seen in agricultural town of Sarya, Vitebsk region. Today, this architectural monument, nicknamed by the locals as a “stone crystal”, is Church of the Holy Assumption , however, the temple was originally built as bosom.

Assumption Church in Sarya, Vitebsk region

Sarya, Vitebsk region

The temple was built in the Neo-Gothic style of red brick in 1857 by the then owner of the estate - Ignatius Lopatinsky. The church was erected in memory of the wife of Ignatius, Mary, who passed away early. The work was carried out for about 6 years, and upon completion, the temple was solemnly consecrated in honor of of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Former church in the village of Sarya

Famous traveler and artist Napoleon Orda managed to capture this religious building before the first restructuring.

Napoleon Orda, church in Sarya
Church of the Virgin Mary in Sarya, mid-19th century

The architect of the temple was chosen Gustav Schacht, a young European master who worked in the then fashionable Victorian style (Neo-Gothic). Lopatinsky wanted to see the building as the personification of Mary's beauty and love for her.

Interesting fact: the tomb of the Lyubensky family, which was built at the same time in the village of Ukhvishche, Polotsk region, is very similar to the church in Sarya.

Churches of Belarus

During construction, Ignatius encountered a serious problem. The construction of the church required permission, which Lopatinsky did not receive. Only thanks to connections, it was possible to present the building for a family tomb.

Sights of Belarus, Sarya

True, another attack came, immediately after the defeat of the 1863 uprising. The tsarist authorities began an active struggle with the Catholic faith, so in 1865 the church was nevertheless confiscated and transferred to the bosom of the Orthodox Church.

Agricultural town Sarya in the Vitebsk region

К 1878 year a project was developed for the construction of a belfry to the main volume of the temple. Why the idea was not implemented one can only guess, but the most likely reason is the high cost.

Sarya Reconstruction project

As a result, the already former church was slightly rebuilt. The main change is the porch at the main entrance, which was closed by a beautiful gothic vimperg.

Church in Sarya in 1900

The temple has a rectangular shape with a 5-sided apse and small sacristy on the sides. The architecture has many Gothic and neo-Gothic elements, similar structures on the territory Belarus very little.

Neo-Gothic temple in Sarya

The special charm and romanticism of the church is given by 5-sided buttresses with pinnacles and a through sharp-toothed arcade.

Church in Sarya

Church architecture in Sarya

Pay attention to the complex lancet windows - a real work of art.

Neo-Gothic architecture of Belarus

Church in Sarya

It is curious that in the pre-war photographs the vestibule is no longer there, perhaps it was demolished in 1935.

Assumption Church in Sarya, Vitebsk region

The Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin was closed even before the start of World War II. After its completion, a warehouse of mineral fertilizers was organized within the walls of the temple, and later a local club.

old photos - Sarya
This is how the church looked in the 70s, photo from the site: Globus of Belarus

In the late 1980s, the authorities began to restore the architectural monument and even returned it to the Catholics. True, the church did not stay in their hands for long: a year later it was again re-consecrated into a church. Services in the temple resumed only in 2009. During the second reconstruction of the temple, a new altar and a monument to Saints Peter and Fevronia, the patrons of marriage, were installed. In addition, a memorial boulder with the coat of arms of the Lopatinskys and an information plate appeared in front of the temple.

Grave of Lopatinsky in Sarya

Coat of arms of Lopatinsky

The architectural monument is included in the State List of Historical and Cultural Values ​​of Belarus. Located on the street Stroitelnaya 5a, below the mark on the map:

In the center of the agricultural town of Sarya, a partially preserved Lopatinsky park with exotic and local trees, as well as an entrance gate from the estate. If you are in these parts, I recommend stopping by Osveya to look at the ruins of the Gilzen Palace.


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