The most expensive resorts in the world - we look, we envy, we are surprised, we swear and we consider how much we need to work to at least a couple of days there relax. But in order not to become discouraged, you can just admire beautiful photographs, close your eyes, move in your thoughts to a luxurious hotel, to the Cote d'Azur and dream, dream, imagine ...

samie dorogie kurorti mira

Opens our list of "World's Most Expensive Resorts" Isla de sa Ferradura, which is located in the Mediterranean Sea near the well-known Ibiza. It is focused only on the richest people on the planet, because only one day at this resort costs… about $115. According to the owner of the island, this is a justified price for the most beautiful views, individual design for each of the rooms that are offered to guests, all kinds of VIP services and a variety of entertainment, whether it is a trip on a yacht, a spa, a gym, diving centers, surfing centers and much more .

Necker Island is a Caribbean resort in the Virgin Islands of Great Britain.

This place has been owned by a millionaire for about 20 years. Richard Branson founder of the Virgin Group. Initially, he created this resort for personal use, but after a while he decided to let guests live in it. True, this pleasure per day costs about 30 thousand dollarsлares.

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Nevertheless, it is popular, because the resort is surrounded on all sides by coral reefs, guests have at their disposal six villas, five sandy beaches, an outdoor pool, a bar, a spa, a gym, two tennis courts, a yacht, a helipad, and more. similar.

Dall House resort in Scotland

Dall House Scotland

Yes, there are no azure shores and exotic plants. But here is the cleanest air, amazing landscapes, rivers and lakes. Here you can pamper yourself in the spa, play on one of the two golf courses and enjoy the most helpful service. True, this resort is only for the elite. To get here, you have to get special recommendations from regular guests. By the way, one day stay will cost $20. But for this you have to become a member of a private club and pay a fee 4 млн dollars and subsequently every year to pay an additional one million. This is a real resort for true gentlemen.

Musha Cay - a resort in the Bahamas

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A secluded island that can accommodate no more than 24 vacationers at one time. The minimum number of days for which you can settle on the island is three. You will have to pay for one day of stay 25 thousand dollars. Of course, everything here is done for guests to feel as comfortable as possible and relax from the bustle of the city on snow-white beaches in a real paradise.

Sandy Lane resort in Barbados

Sandy Lane Poshyk info

Villa Sandy Lane is located at the crossroads of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Price per night is approx. 8 000 $, but during the peak season can reach 25 000 $. A chic place where they try to find an individual approach to each guest.

The Rania Experience - Resort in the Maldives

The Rania Experience

A private island in the waters of the Indian Ocean has repeatedly won prestigious awards as the best resort in the world. Set on an island measuring 700 by 500 meters, Hotel Rania is set in untouched nature. The cost of one night in a luxury villa will cost $10 000. The villa features a cruising yacht with a cinema and jacuzzi. A personal butler, who can be contacted at any time of the day, is attached.

Villa Contenta Miami - Resort in Miami

Three villas on the Caribbean coast, made in different styles, will cost 11,5-18 thousand $ for one night stay. The minimum booking period for a luxury villa on Palm Island is 3 days, so prepare $ 35 and the resort is yours, though temporarily. And, of course, at your disposal is a personal servant, a chef and a masseur. The resort is not for a beach holiday, it is more suitable for picky tourists in the service.

Fregate Island Private is a resort in the Seychelles.

Fregate Island Private

The resort on the private island of Frigate, created for a prestigious holiday. Mahogany villas built in pristine nature, a private plunge pool overlooking the ocean and the best service. There is no need to talk about the famous Seychelles beaches with white sand - a paradise place. You have to pay for a night in Fregat villas from 5 to 000 $, depending on the location and the list of services provided.

And if expensive resorts are too expensive for you, then read our articles about tourist Vietnam! In this country you can have a great rest and quite inexpensively.


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