In the central part of the city Minsk there is a small Myasnikova street, which is interesting building with probably the most, well, or one of the most, beautiful city balconies. The house was built as a profitable house and completed by 1903 (Myasnikova Street at that time was called Novomoskovsk).

At this house, there is a Belarusian writer Yanka Maўr
Authentic look 1911. Krynitsa: “Minsk. Padarozhzha ў hour”
What kind of house with a beautiful balcony in Minsk?
Sunny look

The original owners of the building are Benjamin and Perla Polyakov. However, the property soon passed to the “Jewish Central Benevolent Society” and almost immediately a female Jewish school was located here.

After the October Revolution and until 1939, a writer lived on the third floor (attic) Ivan Mikhailovich Fedorov, who would later take on the alias Janka Maur. Surely the young teacher in the morning went out to the same onion balcony and made sketches of his future works.

Dom Myasnikova 76 Minsk

During the war, this apartment building was thoroughly destroyed, the old picture shows that there is a void in place of the balcony.

Myasnikova Street 76 during World War II
1941 year
Novomoskovskaya street in Minsk

At the end of the 40s, the building was given over to housing for the employees of the institute, of course, it was completely restored beforehand (picture below).

Old photo of Myasnikov street, house 76
Pachatak 60s

The appearance that the house has now appeared after a major restructuring, which ended in 1998 year. Then 2 more floors were completed, although their architecture is radically different from the first.

The house where Yanka Mavr lived

The main decoration of the house is bulbous balcony, miraculously survived the reconstruction and became a kind of hallmark of Myasnikov Street.

The most beautiful balcony in Minsk

Finding this city attraction is not difficult: from Church of Saints Helena and Simeon you need to walk a few minutes along Sovetskaya street.

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