There are a lot of mysterious places in the world. And each of them has an inexplicable origin and mystical nature. Sometimes even archaeologists and scientists cannot give an answer from what this or that formation came about. Consider the top: 12 most mysterious corners of the world with an incredible history of origin.

Moai statues on Easter Island

Extraordinary moai statues famous all over the world due to their mystery. They amaze with their size and ancient origin. Legends and myths circulate about them among the locals, some suggest that they were created by the gods, others talk about aliens, and scientists talk about the ancient tribes who built them.

Moai statues on Easter Island

But no one can say the exact origin of these silent idols. Each Moai figure has a different height, some can reach 10 meters, but five and seven meter statues are more common. An interesting fact is that if this is the creation of ancient tribes, then how they were created and settled on a remote island remains unknown.

Mystical Stonehenge

The mystical semicircle of huge boulders that stand for centuries can amaze with its safety. The unknown origin leaves scientists wondering why and where such a creation came from.

Mystical Stonehenge

There is only an assumption that the structure was created by the tribes in order to study space. But there is a second opinion that this place was erected for special rituals. Situated Stonehenge on the Salisbury Plain, which creates even more questions for this extraordinary place.

Ancient valley of jars

In Southeast Asia, the province of Xiangkhouang is located the ancient valley of jars. Here, ancient pots are scattered across the green fields in the city of Laos.

valley of jars

Their unknown origin and huge size can amaze the human brain with riddles. The exact purpose and claims for which they were created is unknown. Legends say that these ancient pots were intended for a giant who hid food in them. Other legends tell of a king who ordered such huge jugs to be made to make wine in large quantities in honor of the victory over the enemies. If we take historical assumptions, then these huge pots were used to collect rainwater and store food by the ancient people.

Underwater City Shichen

Shichen used to be an ordinary town in which about 290 thousand people lived. And in one moment this city just disappeared without a trace. It was turned into an artificial reservoir of power in order to build hydroelectric power stations.

Local residents were relocated to new houses. By this method, the ancient city was under water and, surprisingly, retained its original appearance. Shichen keeps a lot of old buildings, streets and towers at a depth of 26-42 meters. The mysterious underwater city is rich in its ancient history and truly keeps a lot of interesting things.

Hell crater Darvaza

The fire pit is located in the Karakum desert and has a second name as "Gate to hell". Its diameter is 60 meters, and the depth of the crater varies up to 21 meters. This unusual place was found by a group of scientists when the pit was just filled with natural gas. But this gas could easily lead to the death of a huge number of people, so the conclusion was made by the higher authorities to set fire to the gas.

According to statistics, the fire was supposed to burn for a little more than 5-6 days, but the assumptions of scientists and the leadership of Turkmenistan were erroneous. The Darvaza crater has been burning for many years and causes inexplicable emotions in people who have visited this place.

Underwater pyramids of Yonaguni

The amazing underwater world of the western Japanese islands is filled with a real treasure in the form of Pyramids of Yonaguni. The very process of recreating ancient formations raises many questions for archaeologists and surveyors. As a result of studying this underwater place, it was possible to find out the age of the pyramids, which is more than 10 thousand years old.

The underwater pyramids of Yonaguni leave many mysteries about their origin and the mysterious civilization that may have built them.

Death Valley - Raistek Playa USA

Withered Reistek Playa lake Or what is this place called?Death Valley” is filled with inexplicable phenomena that still do not have an exact fact. The bottom of the lake is never filled with water here and has a dry surface with patterns in the form of cracks. The mysticism of this place lies in the fact that there are stone blocks ranging in size from 30 to 100 kg, which, by unknown forces, move over great distances.

Death Valley - Raistek Playa

The exact assumption of the movement of stones is unknown, only there was an opinion and guesses about a strong wind and magnetic fields that were not confirmed.

Mysteries of Lake Paasselka

An inexplicable mysterious phenomenon touched Lake Paasselka which is located in Finland. This area is inhabited by mysterious lights of various shapes and diameters, similar to huge fireflies. The locals are afraid of the lake and wetlands, as they believe that these colored lights lure people into the swamp. At night, the locals are generally afraid to approach the reservoir, so as not to meet such miracles on their way. It is the appearance of the lights that terrifies the local people, who in every possible way avoid meeting with them. There are also rumors that rainbow lights are circling over the lake, showing the place where treasures are hidden at the very bottom of the deep Paasselka lake.

summer water GIFs

There are cases when many tried to dive deep into the depths of the precious treasure and completely disappeared after that. Therefore, such a beautiful and bright phenomenon can be dangerous for any person.

The legendary catacombs of Jihlava in the Czech Republic

Mystical catacombs are located in a small town Jihlava have supernatural phenomena. Initially, underground tunnels served as mines for the extraction of stone and other rocks. Over time, the workers refused to continue working due to strange sounds coming from the depths. Abandoned mines were simply empty until archaeologists descended into this place after a huge period of time.

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A group of archaeologists in 1996 found many underground stairs and structures that were in the bowels of the corners of the tunnels. But after a certain period, this group of researchers also noticed strange organ sounds emanating from all the labyrinths of the catacombs. After that, archaeologists were sent for examination and work with psychologists, which confirmed the sanity of the workers. There are legends about this place that mystical forces exist here and the sound of the organ is constantly heard.

The ghost town of Bodie in the USA

Once this city was lively and was very popular among gold miners. William Bodie was the first to discover this place among the mountain ranges and decided to build a small town in which 20 people lived. Over time, the city began to gain popularity and momentum among other people. The number began to grow, and reached 10.000 people. Temples, breweries, railway stations and even a red-light district began to be built in this place.

The ghost town of Bodie in the USA

After a certain time, gold mining did not generate income, and most of the inhabitants left city ​​of Bodie. A couple of years later, the Bodie railway began to be dismantled, and the fire of the main business center decided the fate of the city. Since then, Bodie has been abandoned and is called the "Ghost City".

Heizhu Hollow (China)

This place is considered the most terrible on earth and is called "Hollow of black bamboo". Local residents, for no money, do not agree to come close to her, and even at the mere name of her, horror immediately appears in their eyes. In this place, shrouded in thick fog, many pets, people, including children, disappeared.

forest-something GIF

The hollow of black bamboo has been studied for decades, and according to the marks of scientists who managed to find out that this area is anomalous with a harsh and changeable climate. Such conditions provoke subsidence of earthen soil, which is the reason for the disappearance of animals and people in this hollow.

Amazing Lake Hillier in Australia

Incredible lake hillier surprises with its natural beauty and even looks like artificial. This lake of Australia is the only one of its kind in the entire world. Its uniqueness is the pink hue of the water, which occurred naturally.

Lake Hillier in Australia

There is a mythical legend that here in the 17th century a ship crashed near this place and only one sailor survived. The wounded sailor suffered greatly and went crazy from pain and hunger. At that moment, a stranger came out of the dense thickets, holding in his hands 2 jugs containing the contents of milk and blood. The exhausted sailor stood in the middle of the lake from pain, and the stranger poured the contents of the jars on him, thereby relieving him of pain and hunger. After that, the stranger disappeared, the lake changed color, and the sailor was healed. But these are just legends, and the real color of Lake Hillier was formed due to a special type of algae and corals that grow on its bottom.

The most mysterious places in the world will create a magical atmosphere and immerse you headlong. Looking at all the quirks of nature and the structure of various ancient civilizations, one can understand that gods, mysticism, supreme powers and ancient peoples are a reality.


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