If you are a big fan of zoos, but your eyes are always wet from the sight of animals in cages. Then for sure you will like this way of “acquaintance” with the wild world! Why safari? Here you will have to communicate with various artiodactyls (and not only) while sitting in a car, with the opportunity to feed, stroke and get a share of children's delight. Photos and videos for you.

farm zoo which will be discussed is absolutely typical. There are a lot of similar ones in the USA and the locals are not particularly surprised. The main visitors here are schoolchildren.

american wild animal farm

At the entrance you have to pay for a ticket, it is 20$ from the car. It includes a bowl of food, additional can be obtained for 4$. There are a lot of animals, so you should not be greedy and boldly take more supplies.

striped zebra

What wild animals are you going to see? There are zebras, camels, buffaloes, deer, turtles, hordes of pigs and even ermines. A special place here is occupied by ostriches - they move in herds, scare with red eyes and rapaciously absorb the delicacies offered to them.

smiling cow

The animals on the farm know very well that people are transporting food in cars. It is worth lowering the glass and calling, as a whole crowd of motley living creatures seeks to snatch their tidbit.

wild fawn

The farm site is difficult to assess, the territory is huge, and when driving along the perimeter, the external fence is visible only in the distance. There are clear boundaries only at the paddock for the largest animals and wild ostriches, which are not released to people.

The farm has several enclosures, where mostly goats are kept. It is difficult to explain why exactly they fell out of favor.

There are also piglets running around, small and well-fed. In the photo, if you pay attention, you can see that the boar is smiling.

big bull by the car

Large animals can be scary: huge tongues and horns make you quickly raise the window and drive on.

lama photo

Lamas with all their appearance make it clear their attitude to what is happening. Getting out of the car is not recommended. You can harm animals and yourself.

And remember to travel comfortably and comfortably! Try not to overpay where possible. In our rubric advice a lot of useful life hacks and tools, and if you liked the material, then check out other articles on the topic USA.

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9 years ago

I have not seen in our country, and in Europe, such places where a zebra can eat out of hand)

Unkle Burkl
Unkle Burkl
9 years ago

I think we can only feed a drunken machine operator on a farm from our hand!