Everyone at least once heard about haunted placesin which terrible things were done and terrible events took place. There is also a legend about the house in Rzhavka. According to official information, the magical transformation of the town of Rzhavka into an agricultural town took place in 2007. An ordinary village in the Verkhnekrivinsky village council, Beshenkovichi district, Vitebsk region, 40 kilometers from Vitebsk.

haunted house photo
from the road the house does not seem abandoned at all

Since the early 2000s, the house has been put up for sale for roadside service more than once, but has not yet found its owner. Rumor has it that strange things happened to those who bought it: someone lost an existing business, and someone more - health. If you love to travel to hitchhike - somehow ask the truck driver about this place - you will definitely hear some story.

haunted house photo
to the left of the entrance lay a dead dove

According to the State Agency for Real Estate Services at the BTI Vitebsk, this house 1952 the buildings. It consists of 2 rooms, the ratio of the total / living area is 53,84 sq.m / 28,26 sq.m, there is stove heating, electricity, water - a well (we did not find it on the site), there is no sewerage and gas. Plot near the house 9 acres.

haunted house photo

On the property there is a shed made of the same brick as the house itself, with a slate roof but no doors. Inside is a dirt floor. But another discovery was waiting for us in the corner of the plot behind the bushes - an earthen cellar with an ajar door. The desire to get inside was destroyed by an unpleasant smell.

Vitebsk ghosts
shed (garage)
Vitebsk ghosts
barn (garage) inside view

The house is being sold as a roadside service facility, but there is a dilemma: it is residential. This means that the future owner will be transferred from the housing stock to non-residential.

Rzhavka village
oven room
Vitebsk ghosts
probably the bedroom

When you look at the house from the side of the road, the first impression is not to say that it is abandoned. The well-preserved walls and roof make you think that the owners left it just recently or left for a couple of days. But when you cross the border of the site and enter through the gate, the smell of decaying organic matter hits your nose. The site is overgrown with grass and maybe there, in the grass, rotting processes really take place. The archway leading to the entrance is slightly damaged.

Abandoned haunted house

The entrance - a strong iron door with a lock - leaves no hope for easy penetration inside. All windows and windows have bars. Around the site - a field, near the forest. On the opposite side of the road is the exit to the village. Yes, by the way, there are no neighbors in the area and there are no buildings nearby.


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