40 minutes drive from Minsk the regional center is located Logoisk, a popular place both in winter and summer. For most people, modern Logoisk is known for its ski center, but the small town also has something to see in terms of historical attractions. Thus, in the very center of Logoisk, a landscape park has been preserved, where a massive Tyszkiewicz Palace, from which today only the ruins of the left wing remain.

Palace near Lagoiscu

What did the Tyshkevich palace look like in Logoisk?
This is what the palace looks like on a packet of 20 tbsp. Zdymak from Kalektsy K. Shastovskaga, fish of 1923.

Logoisk passed to the Tyshkevichs in 1528 from the Czartoryskis and remained with them until 1917. It is not surprising that representatives of this prominent family decided to build their family estate in these parts.

logoisk tyshkevichi

The construction of the palace began in 1814 on the site of the old wooden Tyszkiewicz castle, which, by the way, stood on the site of the castle founded by the Czartoryskis. In 1819, construction work on the classical estate was completed. The building was a rectangular volume on a high base, the central part was distinguished by a massive portico on 10 columns of the Doric order.

Portico of the Logoisk Palace

On the sides of the building there were symmetrical two-story buildings (the left one has survived to this day in the form of ruins).

lagoisk dostoprimechatelnosti

From the park side, the palace looked a little different and was decorated with a bay window and a spiral staircase. In Napoleon Orda's drawing you can just see this part of the palace.

The ruins of the estate of Tyszkiewicz Napoleon Horde
Malyunak Napoleon Orda, fish 1864

After Logoisk became part of the BSSR in 1919, the palace began to be used for a variety of administrative purposes. For some time, the NKVD prison was located here, and during the Second World War - a German prison. After the end of the war, they decided to blow up the ancient palace.

tyszkiewicz palace

Logoisk old photo of the palace
Krynica: Museum of History of Lagojska, year 1923

Now only imagination and old photos can help imagine what this place looked like 100 years ago.

Palace Tyshkevich Lagoisk
Stary Zdymak Pryblizna 1928 from the book by Urbanski A. Podzwonne

The manor park has partially survived and even in some places retained authentic elements laid down by Pius Tyshkevich. Here's an example of an arched bridge:

logoisk tyshkevichi

The park and the ruins of the Tyszkiewicz estate can be called a truly mysterious and atmospheric place. For those who are planning to visit Logoisk for tourism purposes, we definitely recommend visiting.

tyszkiewicz palace photo

ruins of the Tyshkevichy estate

Below is a point with the location of the ruins on the map:

If you are in these parts, I advise you to go to Raubichi to look at the former Church of St. Matthew or you can go to film set “Smallwood”.


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