old place Lyskovo is mentioned in history at the very beginning of the 16th century, and a number of sights remind of a rich and eventful history: hillfort, wooden church and of course former missionary monastery with the ruins of the Trinity Church.

Ruins of the Trinity Church in Lyskovo

There is evidence that the first wooden church on this site was built in 1521, when Matei Klochko owned Lyskovo. Monks-missionaries came to these lands much later - in the middle of the 18th century, at the invitation and patronage of Jan Kazimir Bykhovets.

Lyskovsky church

The monks of this order were engaged in charitable activities and helping the infirm, in addition, a school was opened in Lyskovo to educate children. The missionary order was not as common in Belarus as the Basilian or Jesuit orders. There was only one more such large monastery - located in Oswee, Vitebsk region.

Abandoned church Lyskovo

By 1785, work was completed on the construction of a stone Church of the Holy Trinity. At that time, the architecture did not yet have a bell tower, it would be completed later - in 1818. There is an assumption that the design of the temple was developed by the court architect of Sapieha - Samuel Becker, on whose account there are many religious objects and structures (Sapegovsky palace in Derechin, Ruzhany Versailles, church in Ruzhany).

Church in Lyskovo

After the defeat of the uprising of 1830, the monastery in Lyskovo was closed, and after the events of 1863, the Catholic parish was also liquidated. In 1866, the temple was partially rebuilt and transferred to the bosom of the Orthodox Church.

The ruins of the temple in Lyskovo

In the 20s of the 20th century, the building was again returned to the Catholics. After the end of the war, the temple was half abandoned, but remained intact, unlike another church, known in Lyskovo as “Red”.

Altar of the church in Lyskovo

Inside the temple, ancient paintings and even altars have been partially preserved; it looks really impressive.

Painting in Lyskovo church

By its architecture Lyskovsky church - This is an unusual mixture of late baroque and classicism. The dominant is a high 4-tier tower, decorated with pilasters, arches and niches. On the sides of the building are massive sacristies, each of which housed an altar. The church is single-nave, but built on an impressive foundation, which only adds to its atypicality.

Unusual places in Belarus - the ruins of the church of Belarus

Approximately in 2010-11, the fence around the church was restored, and the paving stones were cleaned.

Monastery of missionaries in Lyskovo

On the territory of the church is Grave of Franciszek Karpiński - a poet, playwright and a prominent representative of sentimentalism.

Grave of Franciszek Karpinsky in Lyskovo

In the neighborhood there is another old burial place - probably one of the priests.

Grave near the Lyskovo church

Finding this attraction is not difficult, the church stands in the very center of the agricultural town of Lyskovo, below is the point with the location on the map:

If you're in the area, I recommend checking it out. memorial column in Ososhniki, and also go to Porozovo.


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