Conquered is a unique place Belaruslocated in the north of the country. There is beautiful nature, a lot of wild animals, and in the center of Lake Osveyskoe there is the largest island with the mysterious name Du. In addition to natural beauties, there are also ancient sights, after all, Osveya was mentioned in the annals back in 1503. Throughout its history, the place was the property of Sapieha, representatives of the Kishek, Gilzen and Shadursky families. From the last two surnames in Osvey left a legacy - palace ruinswhich can be viewed today.

Unique sights of Belarus

The ruins of the Gilzen estate in Osvey

The construction of the luxurious Gilsen Palace began in the second half of the 18th century. Around the same period, the Gilzen brothers, Jan August and Jerzy Nikolai, were finishing another significant project in Oswie – missionary monastery. You can appreciate the scale of the estate, which was called the most beautiful in the entire Commonwealth, in the drawing of Napoleon Orda.

How did the Gilzen estate in Osvey look like?
drawing of Napoleon Orda, second half of the 19th century

The ambitious palace was completed in 1782. The result is a vivid example of the architectural style of classicism. The building consisted of five buildings connected by galleries. There is even a curious architectural fact: the number of windows equaled the number of days in a year (365), the number of halls - the number of weeks in a year, in addition, the palace had 4 main entrances - as a symbol of the four seasons of the year.

What are the ruins in Osway?

Representatives of the Gilzens owned Osveya until 1786, and after the death of Jozef (Jerzy) Gilzen, who had no children, the rich lands went to Jan Shadursky. Under him, the landscape park was expanded, river channels were built.

Palace of the Gilzens

Ruins of the Gilsen Palace in Oswey

An interesting feature of the estate is a developed system of underground passages that stretched over long distances. Even today you can find the entrances to these ancient dungeons.

The ruins of the Gilzenov Osveya estate

In 1917, the manor-palace was nationalized, and the estate was plundered. During the war, part of the palace was blown up, the other part, already in the post-war years, was used for the needs of the local administration. It is not known when the Gilzen Palace was completely dismantled, unfortunately I could not find reliable information.

Revealing the drawing of Napoleon Orda
drawing of Napoleon Orda, in the foreground the Trinity Church

Abandoned places in Belarus

Only the ruins of the central part (main building) have survived from the palace to this day.

Asveyskaya sadziba

The ruins of an ancient palace-estate are located near the Osvei school, below is the point with the location of this attraction on the map:

If you are in these parts, I advise you to go look at Neo-Gothic temple in the agricultural town of Sarya.


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