In the village Rovanichi, which is located in the Chervensky district, 80 km from Minsk, there are at least two attractions that are interesting to visit. This is a famous and long-suffering estate-palace of the Slotvinskys и Ruins of St. Anthony's Church.

Church of St. Anthony in the village of Rovanichi

Abandoned Church of St. Anthony in Rovanichi

The church in Rovanichi was erected at the beginning of the 19th century (in some sources there is a date 1799 year) by the efforts of the kind Slotvinsky and was planned as a family chapel-tomb. The shape of the temple is rectangular, single-nave, with a square apse and two small sacristies. The building of the church belongs to the architectural style of classicism.

Ruins of the church in Rovanichi

Ruins of the church in Rovanichi

The facade is decorated with beautiful Ionic columns, and above the entrance to the temple there is a small bas-relief sandrik. The triangular pediment of the temple has completely collapsed and can only be seen in old photographs from the 70s.

Church in Rovanichi, Belarus

Inside, the side stairs that led to the upper tier of the temple survived. Climbing them is really dangerous and better not worth it.

Ruins of the church in Rovanichi

On the walls of the church, you can see some decorative elements that have been preserved by some miracle.

Church in Rovanichi photo

The interior of the Rovanichi church

The fate of the church in Rovanichi is closely connected with the fate of the Slotvinskys. After 1937 the temple was closed and looted. Despite this, until the end of the 20th century, the building was in fairly good condition. Everything changed dramatically after fire in the 90s, which most likely happened due to the fault of local drunks. So in the 21st century the church of St. Anthony entered destroyed.

Rovanichi in winter

Rovanichi ancient church of the 19th century

The temple is located in a small cemetery, where you can easily find old Polish graves adjacent to fairly recent graves.

Grave near the church in Rovanichi

Unfortunately, today the church in Rovanichi continues to collapse and there are no plans for restoration. It will be easy to find this attraction, the ruins stand on the main street - location on the map:

Not far from Rovanichi you can see an interesting retrospective-Gothic church in the agricultural town of Bogushevichi. More sights in Belarus.

While visiting this place in 2015, I shot a short overview video:


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Sasha Poshykovich
Sasha Poshykovich
2 years ago

How the church looked before the fire

Ruins of the church in Rovanichi