Two years ago, the whole world was in alarm because of the coronavirus. The pandemic (and not only it) has done a lot of things: it destroyed some businesses, significantly weakened others, naturally, there were those, even if they were few, who could earn.

What is happening in the labor market in Belarus?
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There have been changes in the labor market, both negatively and positively (new formats of work have appeared), such concepts as "new normal" (approx. the state of the economy after radical changes with a pronounced slowdown in economic growth, high unemployment rates, significant uncertainty in various markets that is not temporary) and "great layoff" (mass dismissal of people on their own initiative, and nowhere).

Someone will say that the latter phenomenon is typical for the labor market of civilized countries (for example, in USA). But no, it also affected our market, which, surprisingly, was gaining momentum throughout the past year. candidate market traits (There are many vacancies, but few candidates). True, we must make a reservation - there were still few interesting offers from companies, it was difficult to find a decent job in all respects (we are talking not only about wages).

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But we can already talk about all this in the past tense, since in February a huge “black swan” arrived (in the terminology of Nassim Taleb - an event with significant consequences).

What will be your strategy if problems start at work

Someone will say that there have always been enough crises in recent years, one might even say that we are, in a sense, used to them. But, to be honest, I don’t remember the trend from the applicant market to the employer market changing so quickly. The number of vacancies has already begun to fall, and the number of resumes to grow. And this is probably just the beginning.

How do you rate your personal prospects at work?

All of this is seen more clearly in of Russia, which came under severe sanctions. Even if we assume that they will be canceled soon, it will still affect the labor market, and if they are not canceled, which is more likely, then by the end of 2022 Center for Strategic Research predicts an almost doubling of unemployment. By the way, there have already been talks that labor legislation may undergo significant changes, it is clear in which direction. For example, there is information that the Higher School of Economics is already working on proposals to simplify the procedure for dismissing employees, to expand the use of non-standard forms of employment.

Is your salary pegged to the dollar?

How does this affect workers in Belarus?

The question is rhetorical, since we have long been in the same team and the economy Belarus in great dependence on the Russian. Someone will say that this is a great opportunity to fill the huge number of vacancies that I mentioned above, you just have to moderate your needs.

What changes are taking place in your workplace?

Of course, there will be redistribution, but can the current situation be called employer market? I'm not sure, I'm afraid this is the rare case when the situation can not be called either the candidate's market or the employer's market. I remember how my classmate joked, offering a new interpretation of the saying "chickens don't peck money" (this is when there is no money, no chickens).

Are you afraid of losing your job

In short, the near future will show what's what

In the period from 24 to 31 March 2022 conducted a study to find out if people have work-related anxieties and worries in this difficult time. The survey was chosen as the research method, in which 2366 people.

What are your fears when looking for a new job?

I will not comment on the results in detail, in my opinion, they are quite eloquent evidence of the growth of the anxious mood of our people. For example, more than half of those surveyed take the current situation much more seriously than they did two years ago with respect to the pandemic.

How do you assess the situation now?

The material and graphics were prepared by the author of the corporate blog Valery Kichkaev. Read also: How to politely turn down a candidate for a position?

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