In this short article I will tell you what is Car rental in the USAhow much it will cost, and what is needed for this. Of course, you will need a driver's license and a minimum knowledge of the language, but this is understandable. What services can be used? I always start with Rentalcars and I advise you, one of the most trusted search engines.


I had to get from Philadelphia in town Knoxville, which is quite realistic for 10+/- hours, so the vehicle was of interest for one day. With the help of any search engine and query “Rent a car in USA” you will get a huge selection of intermediary sites in this matter. I personally used website rentalcars.

At this stage, you should consider only a few points:

1. It is very important to clearly understand where you plan to take the car (Pick-up From).
2. It is equally important to know the point of return (Drop-off To)
In any major city there are several places where you can pick up and return the car, but the opening hours often may not coincide with your plans, so read carefully how the offices work.

Prices and cars:

There will be one “but”, which personally confused me very much - the differences in prices (price). The difference for similar cars from different companies is almost $ 300, with the same configuration, without insurance. The amount is significant, so I took advantage of the cheapest offer - an economical car (Economy Car) for $ 9 per day (plus a tax of about $ 5) and I will say right away - I did not regret it.


There are 2 American companies with very nice prices - REVIEWS и Budget, which often have one representation and common machines. When booking via the Internet, you will also be asked to take out insurance (Add Collision Damage Coverage) for $ 11 per day. I strongly recommend doing this, because. getting into an accident in America will be a very expensive pleasure.


Remember that you only reserve a car via the Internet, you will complete all the documents in the company's office. You will need a driver's license and a credit card. Here are some explanations:

1. If you do not have an American driver's license, but only an international one, then you will need a passport.

2. Persons under 26 years of age may be more expensive to rent a car.

3. When registering, you will need to present exactly credit card, as indicated on the websites of all companies, but personally I was not asked any questions with the usual Belarusian VISA Electron card.

4. Cash payments are not allowed.


A machine:

After registration (it will take a few minutes), you will be given the keys and offered to inspect the car. I fell out Ford Fiesta with 26000 miles. I didn't have any questions or complaints about the car.


You will be provided with a car with a fully filled tank, you also need to return it, otherwise the owner company will consider it according to its own tariff.



I returned the car to the airport, where the AVIS representative office is open 24 hours a day. Checking the car with the inspector took a couple of minutes and I was issued a final invoice in the amount of $ 9.99 + $ 5 tax.

Car rental in the USA

I definitely liked traveling by rented car and it turned out to be the most economical option. For rent, I used a meta search from the company Rentalcars. Its essence is the collection of information on all global companies and the provision of better prices. Lot useful services for travelers.

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