As the name of this bird implies, river tern (sterna hirundo, crustacean lid), prefers to live near rivers and reservoirs. It arrives in Belarus already in the warm period of the year for nesting and flies early enough for wintering.

Lid crustacean

Outwardly, it stands out with bright red paws and the same beak. The color of the plumage is light silver, and becomes darker towards the tips of the wings. Another distinguishing feature is the “black cap” on the top of the head, reaching to the eyes of the bird. The average size of the river tern is just over 30 centimeters.

What does a river tern look like?

The tern feeds on small fish, skillfully diving after it from a height.

European tern photography

Common tern bird

The tern makes its nests in the ground, near the water, so the eggs of these birds often become the prey of various predators.

Birds of Belarus - Rachka lid

В Belarus Common tern is quite common and it will not be difficult to watch the bird in its natural environment.


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