On Soviet street in the city of Nesvizh, one of the most interesting and ancient town halls is located Belarus, which was erected at the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries. It is known that in 1586 the city received the Magdeburg Law, and 10 years later, construction began. town hall.

Nyasvizh town hall

Its original appearance Nesvizh Town Hall changed throughout its history, rebuilt and modernized due to numerous fires and wars.

City of Nesvizh photo

However, the greatest damage was caused by a fire that occurred in 1836. Then the wooden part of the city burned to the ground, and dozens of buildings were destroyed in the fire, including the town hall. During the restoration, they did not begin to rebuild the upper tier, which is why the town hall took the form of something resembling a collection.

Old photo - town hall in Nesvizh
Zdymak Teofill Boretti, crushed ў 1894

For the inhabitants of the city, the town hall was the main place for solving problems and questions. Around the town hall there were shopping arcades, a weapons depot, a guardhouse and much more. The second floor was adapted for the magistrate and the city archive.

Town Hall in Nesvizh

The city clock was installed on the tower, and there was also an observation deck. In terms of its architecture, the complex combined the architecture of the Baroque and the Renaissance, where the massive tower has always been the dominant feature.

Nyasvizh town hall

Town Hall in Nesvizh

After the Second World War, the walls of the town hall housed District House of Culture. A little bit later - house of pioneers and schoolchildren with the children's library.

town hall nesvizh

photo nesvizh town hall

Thanks to ancient engravings that have survived to this day, one can imagine the original appearance of the town hall, and at the turn of the millennium, a decision was made to restore the historical monument.

Nesvizh Town Hall

Today, the walls of the town hall house the Nesvizh Museum-Reserve and the Salodka Batleika cafe.

From the town hall it is easy to get to all the main sights of Nesvizh. Must visit Slutsk Brama, farny church and of course Palace of the Radziwills.



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