In Shklov there is a unique attraction of Belarus - old town hall with shopping arcade. There are very few similar objects in the country, so if you are planning to visit Shklov, then be sure to look at this place.

Shklov Town Hall

In the second half of the 18th century, Shklov underwent a grand restructuring. At that time, a new building was being formed, the center of which was the market square where the town hall towered.

Town Hall in Shklov

Shklov City Hall is a classic architectural monument built in 1772. The town hall is two-storied, with a high clock tower. Trading pavilions and rows adjoined it, thus forming a square courtyard.

Market stalls and town hall in Shklov

Shklov shopping arcade

Until the beginning of the 20th century, the town hall in Shklov did not undergo significant changes. However, after the war, the purpose of the shopping arcade and the town hall building changed. First, the state bank was located here, and after a while - the fire department.

Shklov Town Hall

Interesting sights of Shklov

With the onset of the 70s, the town hall was no longer used and abandoned for a long time. Probably during that period, the malls were partially destroyed.

What to see in Shklov

In the early 2000s, the reconstruction of the Shklov City Hall was completed. At the same time, the shopping malls were rebuilt.

Shklov City Hall

Interesting in Shklov

Today, the Shklov State Gymnasium and a small museum are located within the walls of the main attraction of the city.

Shklov photography

The town hall in Shklov left a really pleasant impression: green and well-groomed area around, clean and tidy. The only caveat is the possibility of visiting, after all, there is a school here.

Shklov city photo

Along Dneprovskaya street, where the town hall building stands, passes Walk of Fame in Shklov. You can see across the road Transfiguration Churchbut a little further away former synagogue и shklov church.

Town Hall in Shklov

Shklov City Hall

Town Hall and shopping arcade Shklov

Attractions Shklov

The town hall in the city of Shklov is a unique tourist site of Belarus, located on Dneprovskaya street, 20.

There are several other interesting places in this region: church in the village of Staroe Vysokoe и ruins of temples in Dudakovichi.

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