Near Slonim, between the village Yakimovichi and former the estate of the Puslovskys Albertina, you can see a rather unusual attraction - a huge split stone.

Broken boulder near Slonim

It is assumed that this boulder was brought from the Scandinavian lands about 150-220 thousand years ago. It melted in these parts and most likely split from the temperature drop. However, local residents have their own interpretation and even a legend about how the massive stone was split.

Huge split boulder Belarus

According to this legend, Vojtech Puslovsky went from hunting to his estate, the same one in Albertina. On the way he was caught by a strong thunderstorm and downpour. Deciding not to risk his horses and not get wet, the pan hid at the edge of a huge boulder and at the same moment lightning struck the stone, which divided it into two unequal halves.

Shattered Stone Albertine

Puslovsky's shock was replaced by surprise, as well as a desire to take the saving artifact to the manor park. However, the workers were never able to dig up a huge boulder. Vojtech did not resist fate, and in gratitude for the miraculous salvation, he installed a memorial cross.

Unusual sights of Belarus

Whether there was such a story or not, no one will remember, but modern young residents of Slonim are well aware of this place and gave it a romantic name - "Stone of lovers".

Shattered Boulder Slonim

Since 2008, the boulder has acquired the official status of a geological natural monument of republican significance.

Geological monument of nature - split boulder

At the foot of the stone, they even installed a sign well known to travelers in Belarus - “Historical-Cultural Kashtounast”. In addition, they erased all sorts of obscene inscriptions from the boulder's faces.

Slonim split boulder

The split Slonim stone is somewhat reminiscent of rock, which seems to consist of various small boulders. The natural monument has approximately the following dimensions: a large boulder - 3,0*2,5*3,5 meters and weighs about 60 tons. Smaller boulder - 3,0*1,2*2,15 meters and its weight is about 26 tons.

Shattered Boulder Slonim

You can get to this attraction on the road H6347 from Slonim, below the mark on the map:

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