Car rental - pleasure is not the cheapest by default. Especially if a difficult route is built and a good and safe option is required. This article has collected car rental tipswhich will be relevant for most countries. We will also compare various services and companies providing car rental services. Remember you can rent a car cheaply, but the question immediately arises: “Are there any pitfalls here?".

Sites selling cars with mileage

Where to start searching for a car if you have never rented one?

For those who have never rented a car in another country, there are a number of simple recommendations, in addition to the obvious ones: such as having an international driver's license and driving experience.

  1. Start your rental experience only with major global companies like: Avis, Hertz, Alamo, Budget. This will allow you to avoid obvious deception or fraud from unscrupulous distributors.
  2. Be sure to take insurance for the entire rental period.
  3. Book a car Online Training: For those who prefer the flexibility of learning from a distance or cannot make it to our Sofia location, we offer comprehensive online courses.. So you will know in advance the price and all the nuances. Basic car rental tips, life hacks and ways to save some money will be below, but everything is in order.

car rental tips

Where to book a car?

To use the services of trusted carriers and rent a car at a good price, you should use large services or aggregators. Perhaps among the best sites for finding a car for rent, it is worth highlighting the following:




Auto Europe


Each of these sites has its strengths and weaknesses. You can check the best price on any. Why is Rentalcars at the top of the list? For me, this is the most convenient site. The service unites car rental companies in different parts of the world.


In the list of 160 countries with which Rentalcars works, you can find both popular places in the world and cities of little-known countries (Aruba, Mayotte, Palau, Trinidad and others). With it, you can select the lowest price and not sit at the monitor for hours looking for the best deal. They have their own loyalty program, promotional codes and promotions. Let's take a closer look at the rental process.


To book a car, you need to select the dates, country, city, place where you will pick up the car and the age of the driver. After the entered data, a window with a map will open, where all possible rental offers from different companies with a price will be marked.

Choose the best option based on the cost, number of seats, transmission, air conditioning and other parameters you need for a comfortable trip. Pay attention to the mileage limit (at the end of the rental, you need to pay extra for the overlimit). Opposite the selected car, you need to click the "Book" button.

rentalcars order

A window will open in which the main characteristics of the car and the services included in the rental price are spelled out. These can be local fees and taxes, coverage in case of an accident, emergency assistance, etc. It also contains the exact address and working hours of the company where you will pick up the car. There is a map with the address marked.

rental cars

It is worth familiarizing yourself with the data in the tab "important information". It describes in detail the requirements and conditions of the lease: the necessary documents for driving a rented car, the age of the driver, the insurance deposit, conditions for mileage and fuel, etc. Additional services are also selected here (for a fee, of course).

rentalcars car rental

Familiarized with the rules. Now let's start entering personal data. Everything is standard and simple here: first name, last name, e-mail and phone number.

car reservation

The next step is payment. Enter your credit card details and confirm your booking. You can cancel your reservation up to 2 days before the trip and you will not be charged any penalties for this.

book a car

You can rent a car on the portal, even if you don’t have a computer at hand. For easier search and booking use the rentalcars appcompatible with iOS and Android devices. Below you can try to choose an option for your upcoming trip:

Car rental tips

  1. Remember, savings can be not only on the cost of the rent itself. Always carefully look at the technical characteristics of the car. For example: a large engine capacity - more gasoline costs. Additional options in the form of a paid navigator, easily replaced by an inexpensive international sim card. And so on.
  2. The price depends on the season. When planning your trip, consider this factor.
  3. It’s not bad to save money on car insurance, but think a few times, and most importantly, soberly assess your driving level.
  4. Not all bank cards are suitable for car rental. Any company will charge a mandatory rental deposit, so the simplest cards will not work. Try to get yourself a Visa Classic, MasterCard Standard or higher in advance. If a card with a cashback, then there will be savings.
  5. There is an interesting nuance in car rental: return. Each company has its own rules, carefully read the contract so as not to get into extra payments.
  6. Often, international car rental companies quote prices without basic insurance. Most likely you will have to buy more when you receive the car. Aggregator sites like rentalcars do it differently and list the price of a car with basic insurance included.
  7. Reviews - do not be too lazy to scroll through a few pages, this will also help you avoid trouble.
  8. The longer you take the car, the cheaper the cost of the day included.
  9. Parking can be a big cost issue, especially in Europe. Try to choose accommodation with free parking.
  10. Choose a car carefully, there are cars with distance restrictions.

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