Do you remember what TV programs of the 90s we watched and looked forward to? Do you remember the music, signature phrases and words of the presenters? Do you remember discussing each issue with your friends? Not? Then let's remember the most memorable TV programs of the 90s.

programs of the 90s

Field of Dreams

Year of release: 1990 -…

An analogue of the American program "Wheel of Fortune". The meaning is simple: spin the drum, guess the letters and the whole word. And of course, win the main prize - ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


Year of manufacture: 1993-2012

A well-known humorous TV program with the participation of Yuri Stoyanov and Ilya Oleinikov. Sketches and humorous sketches on various topics are remembered and reviewed even now.

Mouth baby

Year of manufacture: 1992-2000

In this game, two "teams" (married couples) competed in understanding children's explanations and interpretations of words.


Year of manufacture: 1994-2002

Satirical TV program on the NTV channel. It touched upon the most significant political events in the life of Russia. The characters are politicians' puppets.

Himself Director

Year of issue: 1992 - ...

I always take my video camera with me. The program showed amateur videos from, perhaps, all CIS countries.

Good morning Country!

Year of manufacture: 1996-2002

A musical TV show that aired on Saturdays and Sundays. For half an hour, popular video clips were shown in it and the presenters joked - cabaret duet "Academy"

While all houses

Year of issue: 1992-…

The author and presenter of the program Timur Kizyakov comes to visit famous artists, musicians, athletes and has sincere conversations about their lives.

Call of the Jungle

Year of manufacture: 1993-2002

Children's entertainment program, during which two teams of elementary school students participated in various competitions.

Guess the melody

Year of manufacture: 1995-2005

Valdis Pelsh, who waved his arms in a unique way, and offered the players to guess melodies from one, two, ... seven notes.

Love at first sight

Year of issue: 1991-1999

A romantic show on the RTR channel, in which the participants were given the opportunity to find their soul mate.

Fort Boyard

Year of issue: 1992 - Channel One, 1994-1998 - NTV. Since 2002 on the Russia TV channel.

"Fort Boyard", "Keys to Fort Bayard" is a famous adventure show that was held in the Bay of Biscay, off the coast of Charente-Maritime, in Fort Bayard.

"Mask Show"

Year of manufacture: 1991-2006

A humorous program in the style of silent films, which was created by the Odessa comedy troupe "Masks".

Screensaver Under 16 and older

Year of manufacture: 1987-2001

The program touched upon topical youth problems: homelessness, the movement of "rockers", drug addiction, problems of leisure and family relationships.

And of course, the TV programs that aired on our television.


Sasha and Sirozha

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Natalia Alexandrovna
Natalia Alexandrovna
7 years ago

In those years, I became a girl and most of all I loved the program “Up to 16 and older”. It was my most long-awaited transfer. But it was finished showing before anyone else. Then “Love at First Sight” won my heart. And on Friday nights, I did not sleep in anticipation of “50/50” with Ivan Demidov. It was golden time! Nostalgia(((

7 years ago

The programs were very interesting. Fun, adults and kids love it! Previously, the whole family was waiting for some transmissions! It was a good time!