Ghosts and ghosts in the castles of Belarus

For many people ghost in the castle is now valued many times more than the beauty of architecture, the history of the building and its features. It just so happened that now the supernatural, psychics and legends about spirits are in honor. Someone believes in all this, someone is skeptical. But whatever one may say, this topic has attracted and will continue to attract tourists and seekers of new experiences.

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And if you want to feel real ghost hunterthen feel free to embark on a journey through castles with ghosts. Who knows, maybe it will be you who will be able to prove that this is not just a legend or a bike, but the most true story.

Black panna

One of the most famous ghosts lives in Nesvizh castle. This is the spirit Barbara Radziwill. The legend of the black lady, that's what they call it, is considered one of the most romantic and sad.


Barbara was the daughter Yuri Radziwill. She was very beautiful and many eminent men of Belarus fought for the girl's heart. But at the age of 17 he led her down the aisle Count Gastold. Only family happiness did not last long - six years later the man died.

After some time, the beautiful panna met Sigismund Augustwho was the heir of the Polish king. And although at that time he was married, passion broke out between them. To become the wife of Sigismund, Barbara went to the trick: she arranged for her brothers to catch them on a secret date. So it became pointless to unlock and the couple got married, however, in secret from everyone.

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After Sigismund was crowned, the marriage with Barbora was also revealed. The husband's relatives took the young bride with hostility and did not want to accept their relationship. The mother of the monarch was especially negative about her. Bona Sforza from the Medici family.

But Sigismund did not pay any attention to this. He loved his wife and made sure that she was recognized as a queen. Only this happiness did not last long: Barbara felt worse every day and died a year later. There is a version that Bona Sforza had a hand in her death.


Sigismund was heartbroken. And then I decided to resort to the help of the well-known at that time warlock sorcerer Tvardovsky and invoke the spirit of your beloved by means of a seance. The medium forbade touching the spirit of Barbara, but when the queen appeared in the room in white robes, the husband could not stand it and rushed to hug her. At that moment, the mirrors shattered into small pieces, the spirit's robe turned black, and it vanished into thin air.

With a poet black panna wanders around the castle. Most often, she was noticed before misfortunes. For example, the last time she appeared to people before the fire in 2002, during which most of the castle was damaged.

Ghost in Golshany Castle

Golshany Castle boasts two otherworldly inhabitants at once: white lady и black monk.


The first legend dates back to the construction of the monastery. When, during the construction of one of the walls, first one collapse occurred, and then another. The builders, who were very afraid of Sapieha's wrath, decided to make a sacrifice to the castle. Namely, to immure the first woman who brings her husband lunch. She became the wife of a young bricklayer. Since then, her ghost has been wandering these lands.


Ghost of the Black Monk. The poor young man fell in love with the princess Hann-Gordislav Golshanskayawho also liked him. To meet with his beloved, the guy dressed in the black robe of a monk. After some time, the father of the princess found out about their connection. He was very angry and ordered the young man in love to be walled up alive in one of the walls. Golshany castle. Since that time, people often began to notice the silhouette of a man in a black robe. It is believed that this ghost has become a kind of keeper of the castle.

Ghost in Kreva castle.


There is a saying that once a beautiful girl lived in this place. And she liked two princes from of the castle. Then, to decide who she would stay with, they decided to duel. But the stubborn girl refused the winner. He got angry and ordered to immure the girl along with her beloved dog in the castle wall. Since then, her ghost has been walking along with her four-legged pet along the castle.

Sonechka is a ghost of a castle in Mir.

By giving this spirit can be found in white tower. And he belongs Sofia Svyatopolk-Mirskaya. According to legend, earlier next to Mir Castle There was a big apple orchard. And conceived Nikolay Svyatopolk-Mirsky cut it down and dig a pond in this place.


At night, a stranger appeared to the owner of the castle. She cursed the prince with the words: "Let as many people drown in this pond as trees were cut down." According to another version, the mother of a lumberjack who died while cutting down the garden came to Nikolai and said that now this place is cursed, and every year the pond will take one life. The first victim was Nikolay's daughter Sophia.

В Lida Castle at night you can hear the clash of swords and the clanging of armor. It is believed that these sounds belong to the soldiers who guarded this place from the attack of the crusaders and died in the siege.

лида замок

In addition to ghosts in castles, there are other historical sites that are haunted.

Jadwiga's ghost Loshitskaya estate.

most famous ghost Minsk belongs Yadviga Lyubanskaya. She was a windy person who loved balls, fun and communication. Of course, she was not deprived of the attention of men who did not mind winning the heart of a married woman.


So on the day of her 35th birthday, a quarrel occurred between Jadwiga and her husband Evstaf Lubansky. After which the woman ran away to the river. It is not known exactly what happened, but two days later Jadwiga's body was found on the shore not far from the estate.

At this place, Eustathius ordered to plant a Manchurian apricot. In the spring, when the tree blossoms, you can meet the ghost of the dead pani in the park.


At the current Pedagogical University in Nesvizh, which used to house a Benedictine monastery, is inhabited by a ghost black nun. Students try to finish all their student affairs before dark. After all, with the advent of twilight in this building you can hear steps, knocks, whispers and strange voices. The black nun can push and pinch, but most of all she loves to break mirrors.

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