Everyone from childhood is familiar with mystical stories about ghosts in castlesrattling chains at night. Many legends tell us about mysterious spirits that appear for many centuries in the same places. Exciting stories about ghosts have not bypassed the capital of Belarus either. Let's remember the most mysterious stories and find out where they live ghosts of Minsk. Do you believe that ghosts live among us?

Ghost of Loshitsky Park

Linden alleys Loshitsky park shrouded in mystery and myth. Among the centuries-old trees, an old Prushinsky's estate, water mill and ruins of the chapel 18th century. Here was buried Jadwiga Lubanskaya, whose ghost still walks in the park during the flowering of apricot trees (according to the legend).

The beautiful Jadwiga was the wife of Evstafy Lyubansky, the owner of the estate. Lubansky, despite his harsh character and temperament, loved plants and was engaged in gardening. The estate constantly held themed balls, one of which was a tragedy. In the midst of the ball, the dog of the family brought the hostess's hat in his teeth, Jadwiga was not found in his room and went in search of the missing one. On the banks of the confluence of the rivers Losha and Svisloch, the body of Jadwiga was found. It turned out that she sailed alone on a boat at night. The boat capsized or the girl decided to end her life is unknown, but there is evidence that before the tragedy, the couple quarreled a lot because of Jadwiga's meeting with her former lover. Jadwiga died under mysterious circumstances, and we will never know the main cause of her death.

Ghost of Volodkovich in the Minsk City Hall

old-timers Minsk still tell the story of the Minsk City Hall, or rather about the ghost that lives within its walls.

Sights of the Upper City of Minsk

Among the distant relatives of King Radziwill was Mikhail Volodkovichwhich had a bad reputation. He really wanted to get into the Minsk Magistrate, which he asked Radziwill about. The king was able to help in the request and soon Volodkovich took a high rank. But Mikhail could not hold out in this position for a long time, he began to drink, rowdy and do all sorts of stupid things.

The angry members of the Magistrate decided to put an end to this. Without trial and secretly from Radziwill, they seized Volodkovich and sentenced him to death. But later they decided to give the slob a chance to be released, offering to repent before the priest. In response to a humane offer, Michael put the priest out the door, refusing to repent.

In the morning Volodkevich was taken to the backyard of the City Hall and shot. The wandering ghost is still occasionally encountered within the walls of the Town Hall.

Ghost of the White Lady

True or fiction, but the ghost that has already become a legend Belaya Lady at the Kalvary cemetery several centuries makes this place one of the most mystical in Minsk.

A young lady in the 19th century was buried on Kalvary cemetery. According to tradition, the coffin was buried and walled up in a crypt, but later it turned out that the girl fell into a lethargic sleep. After waking up, the young lady could not get out of the boarded-up coffin and died in terrible agony. Since that November night, when the White Pani was buried, her ghost has been wandering among the graves of the cemetery.

Ghosts of the Church of St. Simeon and St. Helena

On a tragic story the Voynilovich family almost every Minsker knows. Their children died of the flu shortly after the strange incident. The daughters of Edward and Olympia dreamed of the Mother of God and showed her the church. In the morning, Elena decided to draw it on paper, and soon died. A little later, her brother also passed away. Parents, whose grief is difficult to convey, decided to build a church according to the drawing of their daughter, spending all their fortune on it.

While praying in the temple, known today as the Church of Saints Simeon and Helena, the Voynilovichi began to feel strange things. It seemed to both parents that their children, having turned into angels, touched them with wings during each prayer. Visitors to the church spoke about the same thing more than once and are sure that it is ghosts of the Voynilovich children.

Ghost in the Pishchalovsky Castle

Pishchalovsky prison castle in the center of Minsk is better known as Volodarka. The prison building was built in the 19th century and has served its original purpose throughout the years.

minsk castle

Early 20th century Ivan Pulikhov tried to assassinate the local governor. The bomb thrown by Pulikhov did not explode, and he was immediately arrested and taken to prison. But they did not plant him, they hung him right on the gates of Pishchalovsky Castle.

peshalovskiy zamok minsk

From that moment on, the ghost lives in the castle, wanders through the cells and, they say, they saw him with a lit candle on the tower.

Mermaid in Svisloch

The ghost of a young girl, now called a "mermaid", lives in Svisloch. This is a story about unrequited love. A beautiful girl from the nobility, living in the 16th century, could not choose a groom for herself. Many came to her house to woo, but all were unworthy of such beauty. A handsome young man fell in love with a smart guy, but he was from a poor family. For a long time he tried to get attention from the ladies, but all attempts failed.

Once again, trying to woo the girl, he came to her house and saw his beloved in the arms of a rich nobleman. Evil took over the young man, waiting for the prudent girl to be left alone, he grabbed her and drowned her in the river. Since then, a ghost appeared in Svisloch in the form of a mermaid, who lured passers-by men into the water and drowned them.

svisloch river

Four ghosts on Zybitskaya

Restored 19th century building st. Zybitskaya, where the Spiritual and Educational Center is now located, previously belonged to the family of a merchant. He had three daughters, one of whom was adopted. When the time came to teach them, the father hired a tutor for the daughters - a tutor. And as in a fairy tale, he fell in love with his adopted daughter. Knowing that their union would not be approved, the lovers decided to run away. The stepsisters found out about this, tied her up and threw her into the basement.

Spring was standing outside the window, the Svisloch River overflowed its banks and flooded the basement of a nearby merchant's house. The bound girl could not free herself and drowned. When the tutor came to pick up his beloved, he found out the whole truth and, in a fit of anger, killed his sisters, and hanged himself in the same house. Since that time in the spring, during the flood of the Svisloch, they see four ghosts at this place.

bar cannon minsk

The ghosts of the monks in the hotel "Monastyrskaya"

Hotel "Monastyrskaya", which was opened in the building of a real Bernardine monastery, despite the short period of work, managed to acquire rumors about ghosts.

Hotel in the former Bernardine monastery

According to the stories of staff and guests, monks came to them in their dreams, who wanted to strangle them. There was a case when the maid saw ghosts in the courtyard of the hotel, got scared and quit soon after. There is no exact evidence of the existence of ghosts within the walls of the hotel, but there is something mystical about this place.

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