There are times when you want to get out of Minsk and see the maximum in minimum time. For such cases, we have prepared a short route: Priluki - Dzerzhinsk - Stankovo. You can enjoy the Czapski heritage and see interesting historical places.

Short tourist route from Minsk


The first point of the route is located a few kilometers from the capital. In the small agricultural town of Priluki, a palace and park complex Czapski.

Manor Czapski Priluky

To be honest, the park looks modest and in some places looks more like weeds. But now in the palace building is located Plant Protection Institute.

Behind a small pond surviving outbuildings: barn, manager's house and distillery. Their appearance perfectly conveys the spirit and atmosphere of the old time.

Priluki Minsk region

In the warm season, it is very pleasant to walk here, sit near the water, enjoying a piece of history. But when the snow melts or heavy rainfall, the roads are very washed out - consider this factor. Still preserved in Priluki Orthodox church of the 19th century. The building itself is quite simple, but the gate looks much more attractive.

Church of the Nativity of the Virgin in Priluki

We are on our way to Dzerzhinsk

Difficult to name Dzerzhinsk a popular city among tourists, but it's still worth stopping by here.

The town is small, at the height of the weekend the center is completely deserted and deserted. Life here flows lazily and measuredly. We start our tour of the city with Holy Intercession Churchlocated in the very center. The temple is over 160 years old.

Sights of Dzerzhinsk photo

The following attractions can be reached on foot. On the way we pass by the park, where monument to Dzerzhinsky.

Passing through the private sector, pay attention to the blue wooden two-story building - this former Jewish cheder.

Jewish cheder in Dzerzhinsk

Peeling paint and strange bars on the windows make the building look more like an abandoned building. But coming closer, it turned out that this was not an abandoned building at all, but Department of Sports Education and Tourism of the Dzerzhinsky District Executive Committee.

Dzerzhinsk regional executive committee

You can see it in a couple of houses Church of St. Anne. One of the oldest wooden churches in Belarus.

Church in Dzerzhinsk

Now the temple is being actively restored and its appearance will change significantly. Below is a photo of the church before work began.

church of st anne

Immediately behind the temple, in a wasteland, there is an archeological monument - Gashtold mountain.

settlement in Dzerzhinsk

In fact, there is no mountain there. There is a small hill with stones left from the foundation and walls Calvin collection. Only a memorial plate helps to understand that we have an important historical landmark in front of us.

settlement in Dzerzhinsk

This is where the interesting places in Dzerzhinsk end, you can go further.


В Stankovo should start with a walk manor and park complex Chapsky.

Short tourist route from Minsk

Unfortunately, the estate itself has not been preserved. Only manor buildings survived: a barn, a stable, a house for servants, utility rooms.

However, the most interesting part of the complex is Library building "Skarbnitsa"reminiscent of an old castle.

Czapski Library in Stankovo

Along the way, the remains of a water tower, a rather strange shape, attract attention.

Water tower in Stankovo

Walking through the park, one gets the feeling that you are in a real forest. Of course, in its original form, the park looked different, but despite the reconstruction, some rare species of trees have been preserved here.

park in stankovo

On the outskirts of the park there is an unusual house-museum of a local resident. The place is a little strange, but it will definitely make you smile.

Strange house in Stankovo

Another part of the estate complex in Stankovo ​​- ruins of the gate.

A short tourist route from Minsk to iconic places

Alley paths lead to the lake, on the banks of which there is a snow-white rotunda and a pier.

From here you have a beautiful view of St. Nicholas Church, which is shrouded in incredible stories and mysticism.

Immediately behind the church of St. Nicholas begins the village itself.

Church in Stankovo

The first house is famous for being born in it Marat Kazei. This is evidenced by a memorial plaque on the fence. The house itself is not particularly remarkable, sheathed with light siding, which is why it has lost the spirit of history. A little further there is a grave where Marat Kazei is buried, and a monument.

Near the village is the eponymous Center for Ecological Tourism "Stankovo"where there is an excellent zoo.

roe deer

Check out this place if possible. This will be a great end to a short tourist route from Minsk.

And if you want to increase the route, then look at others attractions near Minsk.

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