If you are thinking of going on vacation, then these apps and websites for travelershelp you plan your trip. The list will include convenient search engines for hotels, tickets, cars and much more. A selection of travel sites, divided by type and functionality (many services have a fairly wide range of services). Add this page to your bookmarksCTRL+D buttons) and save with each journey!

Sites for travelers on the selection of excursions and entertainment

Viator - here are collected all kinds of entertainment from around the world. Whatever country you come to, on this site you will definitely find leisure activities to your liking. Booked with this service excursions in vietnammore about how it works Viator.

TripAdvisor is a one-stop travel site. Here are collected thousands of reviews from real tourists. You can book excursions, tickets, compare hotels and, of course, choose entertainment to your liking.

tripster – the application really facilitates independent travel, with its help you can easily find excursions for every taste. All excursion programs are presented by professional guides, indigenous people or historians who want to share the secrets of their city.

Sputnik8 - a platform for searching and choosing excursions. The service operates in many countries and major tourist cities. There are cool features: free cancellation in 72 hours, instant confirmation. Conveniently presented system of reviews and ratings.

Tezeks - the official platform for booking excursions from the tour operator TEZ TOUR. This service has especially good offers in those countries where package tourism is popular (Turkey, Dubai, Egypt, Georgia).

Big Bus Tours - a site for travelers, specializes in sightseeing tours on double-decker buses with a guide, you have probably seen these.

Tiqets – no more queues for tickets! Learning about history, culture and having fun in other countries is now even more accessible and easier. Using the Tiqets app or website, book the desired ticket, pay and show it on the spot.

Go City – at the entrance to a museum, amusement park or attraction, you just need to show your pass on your mobile phone and start the journey. While the list of cities is not very large, but the most tourist destinations are included, be sure to check it out.

Musements - various entertainment and excursion around the world.

Georgia4travel – a specialized service for excursions in Georgia.

look is one of the largest entertainment booking sites in the world. The app supports 14 languages ​​and offers over 100 travel services.

Accommodation and hotels around the world

Agoda is a major aggregator of hotels around the world with a cool bonus system and interesting promotions. The site features about 2 million hotels, available in 40 different languages. (I often use Agoda on my trips)

Booking.com - the most famous search engine for hotels, hotels and apartments. Booking has its own bonus systems and statuses for users. A huge number of reviews on the service for all hotels.

Daily.ru - an analogue of Airbnb, but in Russia and the CIS countries. The cost of booking accommodation for rent is lower than hotel rooms and often makes it possible to choose an interesting accommodation option. (often helps in travel in Belarus)

Ostrovok is a large site for online booking of hotels and hosts in more than 200 countries of the world.

Hostelworld - give preference hostels? Then the hostelworld app will help you. This travel site will help you find the best hostels around the world.

Hotellook – metasearch engine not only helps find a hotel, but also selects the best price for it by comparing offers on different travel portals. If you always think that there is nothing cheaper than booking, then you are in for a big surprise.

airbnb - an application for those who do not like to stay in hotels and choose home comfort. Available on site short-term apartment rental, cottages and rooms.

Yandex.Travel - a large aggregator of hotels and apartments with its bonuses, promotions, special offers.

TripAdvisor is not only reviews and an entertainment search engine, but also a huge portal for finding hotels and accommodation around the world. The site has many promotions and special offers.

* on many of these sites you can also purchase flights, transfers, excursions and more.

Websites for travelers where you can buy tours and last minute deals

Travelata - one of the largest tourist projects for the sale of tours. More than 100 tour operators are connected to the service. The company promises the best prices and the highest quality.

Level.travel - an online resource for booking travel and tours. Large selection of offers and quality service. The classics of package tourism are especially in demand: Egypt, Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam, Dubai.

Online tours - a large online resource for the selection of tours from the leading tour operators in the CIS.

cruise house - operator and seller of cruises on the seas and rivers. The strongest direction is cruises in the CIS countries. You can also buy a cruise at a promotion or reduced cost. In addition, you can consult free of charge on any questions regarding cruises. Read more about cruise companies.

Rakuten - perhaps the largest site for the sale of tours and entertainment in Asia. Here are the best offers in the most interesting destinations.

Services for renting cars, motorcycles, transfers

Rentalcars – the application, like the website, unites the largest car rental companies. The database contains more than 49 thousand rental points, which are easy to find by location. Reservations and cancellations are made online, which greatly simplifies the rental process. My personal experience car rental in america.

Economybookings is the leader in car booking on the Russian Internet. The main focus is on renting a cheap car. Of course, this fact does not exclude premium cars. It is possible to make a reservation in +150 countries of the world.

local rent - on the company's website you can book a car of any price category. All data is presented in a convenient table, no complications. A unique feature of Localrent is the ability to rent campers and luxury cars.

BikesBooking Do you need a bike, scooter, bicycle or even an ATV? Then use the BikesBooking online booking service. Perhaps the largest player in its niche, if you are going to Asia, then just a must-have in your phone!

myrentacar.com is a car rental broker who picks up cars from local companies.

Kiwi Taxi - a service where you can order a transfer for yourself or a large company. On the site for travelers, you can choose the car of the required capacity, the exact place and time of the desired trip.

Intui.travel – transfers from (to) airports anywhere in the world.

BlaBlaCar - help in finding fellow travelers direction when traveling by car. The service saves money and time. And suitable for those who do not like minibuses, trains, buses. And by the way, the service is beneficial for both drivers and travelers. About this service we already wrote, its essence. This is convenient, because you can travel in a good car and with an interesting companion.

Applications and sites for the selection of airline tickets 

kiwi.com is a popular service America and Europe. Thanks to the site, you can choose the best option for a long-distance flight. The advanced algorithm of the platform connects airline flights well. Were going to fly far - be sure to test it.

Aviasales - of course, we could not help including the popular search engine for air tickets in our selection. One of the most famous and convenient assistants in finding plane tickets in the CIS countries. This application contains information on 728 airlines, including low-cost airlines and charters, about a hundred agencies and five booking systems.

cheap air - a cool American service that often gives out the lowest prices. There are unique offers and a bonus program that allows you to accumulate points. One caveat - the interface language is only english.

12go.asia - if you are heading to Asia, be sure to add this resource. All travel options are collected here: planes, ferries, buses and trains.

Compensair – did you know that you can get compensation for a flight delay by making a couple of clicks? If not, use the Compensair app and get the money you deserve while waiting for your flight or canceling it.

AirHelp - a similar service that should be bookmarked if you often fly on airplanes.

Expedia – air tickets at the best prices. The company directly cooperates with many air carriers, which guarantees the quality of service and the best prices.

trip.com – booking tickets online with a guarantee.

Travel Sites List 2021

Travel insurance for travelers

insure one of the main points of preparation for the trip. And if time does not allow you to go to the insurance company, you can do this with the help of an insurance search engine. There are really many similar companies and the list is large, I will single out those that I use myself.

Tripinsurance – the online insurance service works with trusted clinics and controls the entire service process. If for some reason it is impossible to get to a doctor, contact an online doctor who will answer even at night.

Cherehapa.ru is one of the most profitable and convenient online services for comparing and selling travel insurance. The site has not only travel insurance, but also auto, real estate, children's insurance and much more.

European bus companies

Services and sites for finding train and bus tickets

Train.ru – train tickets online.

Tutu.ru – on the site you can book a ticket for a train, bus or electric train online. You save time, choose your seat on the train and can book a ticket at any time of the day. In the application, you can purchase both electronic and standard tickets in more than 800 cities around the world.

OneTwoTrip - a large search engine for railway tickets, air travel, car rental and hotels. A great bonus is an accrual tripcoins for each ticket. For this currency, you can buy new trips in the future.

Omio - search engine for train and bus tickets in Europe. More than 800 direct partners provide the best prices and the shortest routes. The service has good technical support and a user-friendly interface. Definitely included in the list of top travel sites, at least in Europe.

Rail europe - one of the best search engines for trains and electric trains in Europe. About 30 countries and more than 15000 cities of the old world are represented. Of the nuances, the service currently has only English and Spanish versions available.

Bus bud is the largest aggregator of bus transportation in the world.

Busfor – since 2021 part of the Bla Bla Car system, a convenient bus transportation service. Geography: CIS countries, Europe, Russia, Belarus.

Flixbus is an alternative to Ecolines if your choice is to travel by bus. Green buses of the German carrier company have expanded the geography of routes. Now, using the site, you can book a seat on the bus and travel not only in Europe - the list of routes includes the United States and some Asian countries.

Yandex Travel - an aggregator where you can pick up tickets for a variety of destinations.

Swedish peninsula Karlskrona

Travel apps and sites that will not interfere with all travelers

trimsim - Now the time has come when it is extremely difficult to go on a trip without the Internet and mobile communications. Especially for those who do not want to start a separate number in each country, we have developed sim card Drimsim.

Google Translate - trite, but this is the main assistant for everyone who is not sure of their knowledge of the language of the country they are going to. The main feature of this app for travelers is the following features: Google Translate can work with or without an internet connection, all you need to do is download the language you want, point the camera at the text (for example, a sign, street name, etc.) and the app will translate his. The alternative is Yandex translate. Applications are similar in terms of feature set.

MyDutyFree - if you like to bring alcohol, perfumes or sweets from every trip, then you need a service. Possibility to choose an airport or border, see prices for goods of interest in DutyFree. And of course get a nice discount.

MAPS.ME - of course, any traveler needs maps of the area and it is best if they are offline maps. To use it, you must first download the map of the country you need. Also in applications, you can get directions, make marks and bookmarks of the places you need, and determine your location.

Flush toilet finder – to use the toilet is a natural need of every person. But very often this room is extremely difficult to find, especially if you do not know the city in which you are relaxing.

Weather PRO - there are many applications about the weather, they differ in design and offered functions. We suggest paying attention to WeatherPRO. The main feature of this proposal is that the weather forecast is presented in the form of not only numbers, but also in “feels like”.

XE - Currency Converter. If you are a full-fledged humanist or just don't want to fill your head with unnecessary calculations while relaxing, then this application is exactly for you. Just don't forget to update the exchange rates. The application can work offline.

PackPoint – if you always have a hard time picking things up for a trip, then this app for travelers is especially for you. Regardless of what you have planned, be it a hike, vacation on the beach or ski resort. Based on the type of vacation and the number of days, the PackPoint app will suggest list of things you needwithout forgetting anything. You can also edit the list specifically for yourself.

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Maria Kuznetsova
Maria Kuznetsova
4 years ago

I use Drimsim, I never ordered excursions, tickets are time to time. The onetwortip trains are purely due to tripcoin accumulation. Insurance is usually through offline agents, I have never tried it and there is no trust yet. Booking hotels, the simplest and most understandable

4 years ago

In terms of car rental - Rentalcars. Convenient service, I pay online, usually without jambs, but there are nuances - they always try to sell additional options that confuse and seem completely unnecessary, but you worry and take it.))
Hotels – I love the Agoda service, it doesn’t always come out cheaper, but there is a good bonus system. Trains and buses – onetwotrip.