The loudest predictions of the prophets

Prophets and clairvoyants meet quite often. But which of them has a real gift of a seer, and who is trying to attract the attention of the public is not an easy question. Want a bondfind out which predictions of the prophets have already come true And what should we expect in the future? Even the most ardent skeptics will think about the possible existence of otherworldly forces while reading this article.

Edgar Cayce

American medium and healer Edgar Cayce, proclaimed "Sleeping Prophet" due to falling into a trance state, was born in March 1877. His prophecies are recorded in "readings" and contain incredible questions and answers.

The biography of the famous prophet is described by Thomas Sugru in the book "River of Life", which also speaks of the first "bells" to the boy's unusual gift. In elementary school, Casey had big problems with spelling, which his father was very unhappy with and after another quarrel, he hit the child on the ear. At that moment, Edgar fell down and, during his oblivion, he heard a voice that said: "If you get some sleep, we can help you." After the boy regained consciousness, he managed to absorb information from books like a sponge.

In his youth, Casey contracted laryngitis and lost his voice. The hypnotist Al Lane was able to help him, who put Edgar into a trance. What happened next was something unimaginable: in a trance state, Casey named his illness and the method of its treatment. After the recommendations made during the trance, the voice returned to him. After that, Edgar and Al began to treat other people.

Prophecies of Edgar Cayce:

One of his most moving prophecies was about the Earth. Casey predicted the split of the Earth in the west of America, the flooding of Japan, great changes in the shape of the continents, natural disasters and catastrophes. And everything will begin, according to the prophet, from the volcano Etna. Casey did not give an exact date, but the latest news about the frequent eruption of Mount Etna was a cause for unrest. They also include the 2011 tsunami in Japan.

Another important prophecy was pole shift. Scientists are already recording a weakening of the magnetic field in the region of the poles by 10%.

Edgar Cayce even prophesied the return of the sunken Atlantis, which will begin with the rise of Poseidonis. Here he named the date - the 1960s. Didn't the miracle happen, or did Casey just get the date wrong?

Casey talked a lot about Russia, which at a certain stage will become the savior of the whole world. Genuine freedom and life for the sake of others will become the main principle and hope for the whole world.

What came true:

The economic crisis of 1929 and the rise of industry in 1933.

Casey saw the Kennedy assassination in detail, but did not name him.

Edgar accurately predicted the results of the Battle of Kursk.

Casey correctly predicted the date of the outbreak of World War II, the short life of Adolf Hitler and the collapse of the USSR.

During the Second World War, they began to talk about Vanga in the village and beyond. According to her, once Vanga was visited by a horseman, after which the gift of clairvoyance was revealed to her. In the troubled war years, people turned to Vanga with a request to find the missing soldiers and relatives. Vanga could determine not only the location of living people, but also the graves of the dead, with whom she could talk. She also determined illnesses, sent them to healers whom she did not even know and could predict the future.

Vanga's prophecies:

According to visions, our planet has been visited more than once by aliens from the planet "Vamphim", who will establish contact with humanity in 200 years.

The teaching of the White Brotherhood, which will come from Russia, will save the world at war in the third world war. This will happen after the fall of Syria.

Vanga predicted the emergence of China as the most powerful state.

What came true:

The most terrible US tragedy of 2001 was predicted by Vanga: "Steel birds attacked America and a lot of innocent blood was shed."

Vanga guessed the date of the death of Joseph Stalin, announcing March 1953. For which she was arrested for six months.

She also foresaw the death of Indira Gandhi, who, according to the clairvoyant, would be destroyed by a yellow dress. Indira was killed 15 years later by her own bodyguards. She wore a saffron sari.

She saw and flooding of Kursk, but in the 1980s they could not understand that the tragedy would happen not in the city, but on the Kursk submarine cruiser.


One of the most famous personalities among the prophets is Nostradamus. lived Michel de Nostrdam in the 16th century and came from a Jewish family that converted to Catholicism. The boy was trained from early childhood. Great-grandfather studied Latin, Hebrew and Greek, mathematics and astrology with Michel.

Nostradamus recorded his first prophecies in the Centurion, which the authorities took as a lie and summoned for interrogation. Future events he read by the stars and wrote down their veiled meanings in quatrains. Even on the tombstone, the inscription was preserved: “Here lie the bones of the famous Michel Nostradamus, the only one of all mortals who was worthy to capture with his almost divine pen, thanks to the influence of the stars, the future events of the whole world.”


Palmist and seer William John Werner, known under the pseudonyms of Cheiro and Louis de Gamon, was for some a charlatan and a prophet for others. Cheiro, of Irish origin, was born in 1866.

A journalist, an ardent admirer of the occult sciences and a writer became famous in London while investigating a murder. He came to the place of investigation and described the murderer, who turned out to be the son of the deceased. From that moment on, the public drew attention to the young clairvoyant, and soon a queue of people who wanted to know their fate began to line up for him. At this time, he opened a magic salon in London, where high-ranking personalities came.


The Bulgarian Vangelia Gushterova, who is called Vanga, was endowed with a special gift of prediction. For her accurate predictions and predictions, she was called "Nostradamus from the Balkans." She was approached by politicians and famous personalities.

Vangelia was born in 1911. At the age of 12, the girl lost her sight during a hurricane, the whirlwind of which threw her a long distance. The sand had severely damaged my eyes. The family did not have money for treatment, so Vanga soon became blind. For three years she was trained in simple household skills and reading in Braille at the House for the Blind.

Cheiro's prophecies:

The saddest known prediction is the story of the sunken "Titanic". Cheiro met the captain of the famous liner and read the inevitable tragedy from his hand. Captain Edward John Smith refused to believe Werner's words, but the prophecy came true. Cheiro tried to prevent tragedy by sending letters to passengers about their possible death on the Titanic. But his efforts were in vain.

Oscar Wilde, who doubted Cheiro's visionary gift, also came to him for a session. The palmist predicted the writer's exposure and exile. Oscar laughed at what he heard, but was soon accused of homosexuality, landed in prison and expelled from the country.

In Russia Cheiro predicted the fate of Grigory Rasputin. According to the prophet, they will poison him, stab him with a knife and shoot with bullets, but he will die in the waters of the Neva. And so it happened: the conspirators poisoned Rasputin, but he survived. Grigory also did not die from wounds received from a knife and a bullet, after which it was decided to drown him in an ice hole on the Neva.

Cheiro guessed the date of death of King Edward VII and Nicholas II. British military leader Herbert Kitchner died at sea when a ship was blown up by a mine.

Jane Dixon

Lydia Emma Pinkert (Jean, Jane Dixon) was born in Wisconsin and from an early age predicted events that her parents did not pay due attention to. The girl could tell who would come to visit, what gift they were preparing for her birthday, and what to expect soon.

When Lydia matured and the events that the girl prophesied began to come true, she began to be taken seriously. Over the years, Jean Dixon has become the personal astrologer and visionary of many high-profile and famous personalities in the United States.

Jane Dixon Prophecies:

The clairvoyant's husband, James Dixon, did not accept the gift of his wife for a long time. But after one incident, the doubts were gone. James was supposed to fly to Chicago, but his wife wouldn't let him board the plane. The next day, the world learned about the tragedy - the plane that Jane's husband was supposed to fly crashed, none of the passengers survived.

In 1956, giving an interview in one of the local newspapers, Jane announced that she would win the next election. John Kennedy. But he will not be in power for long, because in three years the president will be killed. Jane again no one believed, but the words spoken were confirmed in 1960.

Jane predicted the date of death for President Franklin Roosevelt, who at that moment was already chained to a chair due to the progression of polio. Roosevelt died of a cerebral hemorrhage 6 months after meeting with Dixon - in April 1945.

With her help, it was possible to prevent a terrorist attack, Jane indicated the exact date of a possible tragedy.

Prophecies of Nostradamus:

"The young lion will surpass the old one,
On the battlefield in a single duel,
Striking his eyes in a golden cage,
Which will lead the old lion to a painful death"

Under the old lions, Nostradamus meant King Henry II, whom he warned of the danger. But the king did not pay attention to the prophecy, which paid with his life. While taking part in a jousting tournament that took place during his daughter's wedding celebration, Henry died from an accident - a spear shard wound the king's eye, which led to his further death.

"The number of astronomers will increase enormously,
They will be persecuted and cursed, their books will be banned,
1607 will be marked by a church court,
So none of them will be safe from church persecution.”

It was in this year that the telescope was invented, with the help of which Kepleley and Galileo proved the rotation of the earth around the sun. Church takes up arms against astronomers, not wanting to accept the fact that the Earth is a minor planet and Rome is not the center of the universe.

“Greater Germany will include
Brabant, Flanders, Ghent, Bruges and Boulogne.
There will be a hypocritical truce
The great leader from Armenia will attack Vienna and Cologne."

The events of this quatrain, despite its complexity, have taken place. Apparently, Nostradamus was talking about World War II and the broken Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. The Armenian leader was, of course, Joseph Stalin.

"The synagogue, barren and useless,
He will find shelter among the unbelievers,
Then, in the course of very unfortunate events
The daughter of Babylon will clip her wings."

Synagogue Nostradamus called the State of Israel, formed in 1948 in Palestine. "Daughter of Babylon" - Arab countries formed on the territory of Mesopotamia. They will probably take revenge on Israel for the events of 1967, when Egypt was attacked and the Gaza Strip and Syria were occupied.



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